Charles P. Smith
Systems Administrator
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Industry: Real Estate
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Professional Background
Systems Administrator
Chicago Association of REALTORS®
January 2015 – Present
Under the direction of the Director of Information Technology, I am responsible for providing technical support to staff members and assists in the maintenance and implementation of information technology systems and support services.
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In my current role as a Systems Administrator at the Chicago Association of Realtors, I am able to implement all of the technical skills that I learned at Year Up Chicago in a corporate environment. With my acquired knowledge in troubleshooting various hardware and software problems, I have been able to quickly become an integral component in the IT infrastructure at CAR as well as the environment as a whole. My everyday work includes, providing ongoing technical and help desk support to staff and in some cases association members, overseeing user account maintenance and administration, and installing new and maintaining existing hardware, programs and equipment. This experience has re-affirmed my beliefs that IT is the career path for me and I still strive to acquire more technical skills during my time here and long after.

As a student at Year Up Chicago, I studied in Computer Information Systems as well as Business Communications. The classes that I took at Year Up prepared me for things such as, troubleshooting various hardware and software, familiarity with public speaking, how to send a business email, and build a resume.

In the next 1-4, I want to continue furthering my education in technology by obtaining several key certifications such as, CompTia A+ and Network +. I also want to learn different programming languages such as, Ruby, Python, and CSS. Learning these programming languages will help me become a Computer Programmer in the future. In the next 5+ years, I hope to go back to school and major in Computer Science, so that I may become a Video Game Designer and use all of the programming languages that I have learned to be epic in it. After everything is said and done and I am well established in my career, I want to look back at Year Up and see it as the first path to my future.

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