Curtis W. Smith
IT Support Analyst
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Professional Background
IT Support Analyst II
GPD Group
January 2018 – Present
Manages a team of IT Support Analysts ensuring they are monitoring ticket queue and responding to tickets and calls in a timely manner. Coaches analysts on maintaining a positive attitude towards assisting and helping employees with IT needs. Develops team member’s abilities and skills through mentor-ship and training.

Trains and leads team members by developing the technical expertise and customer service skills of the Service Desk team.

Assists analysts in providing first line support when workloads are high, or where additional experience is required. Acts as an escalation point when difficult or controversial calls are received.

Coordinates software updates and upgrades for employees across the entire company. Works with established enterprise technologies to deploy software in a timely and efficient manner.

Purchases IT equipment as needed for employees to maintain successful daily operations. Evaluates new technology for potential business benefits.

Performs briefings to Service Desk staff on changes or deployments that may affect volumes at the Service Desk. Ensures that staffing and skill levels are maintained throughout operational hours by managing shift staffing schedules and Service Desk coverage.

Takes overall responsibility for incident management and request fulfillment on the Service Desk. Ensures tickets are resolved based on severity and priority, using an enterprise ticketing system, to make certain employees can remain productive and efficient.
IT Support Analyst
GPD Group
March 2016 – Present
Provided technical support and assistance to non-IT employees of GPD Group. Answered phones and responded to emails associated with help-desk requests. Analyzed problems with workstation equipment and enterprise software to determine issues and provide solutions.

Worked as a team with other IT support analysts to resolve larger and wide spread issues. Discussed reoccurring issues and determined solutions to resolve issues before they occur. Focused on processes and process improvement to increase efficiency in everyday tasks. Evaluated new practices to determine possible value of changing processes and workflow.

Utilized excellent listening and investigative skills to collect details regarding employee computer related issues. Utilized a systematic troubleshooting approach and annotated steps taken in the ticket work log to provide record of problem resolution or evidence for problem escalation. Escalated issues to next level of support when issue was determined to be beyond the scope of typical responsibilities.

Practiced regular interpersonal communication with employees to avoid conflicts and relieve frustrations. Focused on remaining patient and sympathetic to users so they were reassured that their issues were legitimate, and that my primary goal was to resolve the issues they were having as quickly as possible to allow them to return back to work.

Configured and deployed new computers for new employees and replacement computers for existing employees. Maintained a high attention to detail to ensure configuration was conducted correctly, and to allow employees to have a minimal number of issues after deployment. Collected old computers and conducted appropriate backup solutions to ensure personal and company data wasn’t lost in the transition.

Conducted training and education on new hardware and software, such as printers, VPN clients, and virtualized desktop software.
Ohio Army National Guard
November 2008 – Present
Provided technical and tactical guidance to subordinate personnel; responsible for the health, welfare, morale and training of 3-4 Soldiers, and over $100,000 worth of vehicles and equipment. Fully capable of working individually, as a part of a team, or in a team leadership position.

Appointed as 583rd Military Police Company Online Training Coordinator; my custom built MS Access database allowed greater accuracy for tracking of online training certification records for 165+ soldiers.

Information Assurance Technical level 1 qualified under DoD 8570.01-M for regular use of Military and Government Information Systems. Appointed as backup Information Assurance Security Officer (IASO) for 583rd Military Police Company to help enforce information assurance policy.

Selected as principal instructor for M249 qualification instruction resulting in 100% qualification rate of all M249 firers in the unit for 2015 weapons qualification.
Full Biography

I love technology. I've been working with computers privately for 5+ years, and I've finally decided to pursue a career in a field that I love. I am working towards a Bachelors of Science in Information Technology Management, which I intend to use to work towards becoming a Systems Administrator, and eventually an Information Security Professional.

I love challenges, and I'm driven by them. Few things will get me excited about my work like a good challenge. I spend much of my free time honing and improving my skills so I am able to step in and be an effective member of any team from day one and start contributing right away.

I have been chosen to train and teach numerous topics, both in the military and in my civilian work. Whether the topic is weapons systems or leadership tactics or security procedures, my ability to take a complex subject and explain it in a way that anyone could understand it has served me well.

My ability to manage my time effectively and prioritize responsibilities is exceptional, and I would consider it one of my best qualities.

My ability to analyze problems and determine effective solutions led me to resolving my unit's problem of tracking online training for soldiers within the unit. By converting an outdated MS Excel spreadsheet to an easy to use and maintain MS Access desktop database, I was able to bring a 3 month backlog up to date within one month of receiving the responsibility. This led to me being assigned sole responsibility for tracking online training for the entire unit of 165+ soldiers.

I really would love to network and connect with people who can find a mutual benefit from our relationship.

My ability to accomplish my goals is limited only by the number of challenges I have in front of me. If you have a challenge in mind, or could use some of my skills, feel free to contact me so we can talk about it. I look forward to hearing from you soon!

American Military University
Bachelors of Science
IT Management
2014 – 2016
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