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167/49977 - 01-26-2003 @ 259899 & 24209/mo

The following is the OFFICIAL response directly from Cd&:

A funny post that will probably be deleted - see https://www.experts-exchange.com/Miscellaneous/Lounge/Q_21541854.html#14769389


It is very difficult for me to communicate the correct response here. I tried going to bable but it does not support Moronese. So I trid setting my AI engine to simulate a 12 IQ, but it can interpret instructions at the at level and even with externa assistance the responses indicate it is still operating at too intelligent a level.

So will have to try and get down at your level and attempt to communicate on my own. Determining sucha low levl is difficutl, but your language indicates that you are probably a 13-year old illegitimate child of a hooker working the back alleys of third world metropolis; thus you are unfamilar with, and incapable of communicating with the civilized world. So give mommy back her crdit card Timmy and go back to playing with the toys your mother screwed the world to buy for you.

As the inaction by the admins on profanity in this thread seems to indicate that Premium members are now exempt from action on that let say this. You are a f***ing hole and a dhead. I doubt you have enough grey matter to pour piss from a boot before you wear it. Sub-human species like you should be in a zoo instead of on a professional site. As to opening additional accounts if yours gets closed. Please do that. It would demonstrate a new way to generate revenue; which would almost certainly motivate TPTB to order mass execution of all paying morons with enough loft in their Paypal to open another account. The depth of your stupidity is exceeds the Grand Canyon; but here's hoping the idea catches on with Austin.

However opening those new accounts won't help you. Your attitude and defective drain will out you and we will kick the hell out of you no matter where you go. Including other sites where many of us also volunteer out time. So get off the site idiot, you ar not welcomed here, and you are going to get you **s kicked in every question you ask.


While I support your efforts to defend the other expert in this thread the rightness or wrongness o fthe awarding of the points can be debated with valid points on either side. When this moron first indicated a belligerent and arrogant approach you should have moved it to CS instead of dealing with it here. To quote Netminder: "Never get into a pissing contest with a skunk". If you look up skunk in the dictionary you will see a picture of techfleet.


>>> I thought giving right answers u get points for that isnt it ??

If points are so important to you email me and I will send you couple of million I have. The two million points still won't make you an expert but wannabes don't don't have a clue why the real experts do what they do. so to answer your question; yes. Wrong question though. Right question: "techfleet why did you award the points the way, you did? Would you care to tell be what was wrong with what I posted." Any sentence with both points and answers in it, probably has a semantic error in it except in the lounge.

Admins (who provide such magnificent support of the MA and experts in this thread),

So we have to test how far that extends. So f***, s***, son of a b*tch, *********r and ****. I should be allowed to say that because I am a Premium member. However if the privilage of acting like a d*ckhead only extends to paying customers then I will paypal you the ten bucks in the morning. I'll even go for an extra 20 bucks if you let me call Austin a f****** a****le as well.



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Effective March 17, 2004 I am not actively participating any longer at EE

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