David Bernstein
Chief Developer/ Microsoft Access
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Microsoft Access programmer utilizing VBA to create business solutions in accounting, manufacturing, camping, emergency medicine

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City University of New York
Operations Research
1966 – 1969
City College of New York
1960 – 1964
Professional Background
IT Consultant
Something Different Linen
January 2008 – Present
Developed order entry and invoicing system. The system also completely automates the shipping department. Each order is custom configured for different size cartons. Each carton is identified and valued. Shipping information flows directly to both FEDEX and UPS systems. Most invoices are sent to customers via email as PDF documents.
IT Consultant
New York Livery Leasing
January 2005 – Present
Car leasing operation. I developed software to manage the complete leasing operation. The software generates contracts, accepts payments, generates past due advices, bills late charges and other charges. A unique feature of this system is the traffic ticket tracking module which helps control the traffic tickets that the customers receive.The system tracks all aspects of the lease process and accounting from lease inception theough complete general ledger. There are complex calculations involving sales tax and depreciation.
IT Consultant
EisnerAmper LLP
January 2005 – Present
Develop software to process trust and estate accountings. Software maintains all financial data and prints required reports.
IT Consultant
Metropolitan Vacuum Corporation
January 2004 – Present
Develop and maintain complete system and database. The company is also heavily involved utilizing EDI with major retail chain stores. The system is an end to end business application from order entry to general ledger.
IT Consultant - Trust & Estate Accounting
Eisner LLP
January 2004 – Present
Support and maintain a software product that I authored SAGE- Security Accounting Integrated with General Ledger. This system maintains investment and checkbook transactions in order to produce a wide range of both tax based and trust and estate reports.The trust and estate reports are in the form necessary to submit to both New Jersey and New York courts.
IT Consultant
Nation Ruskin Inc
January 2000 – Present
Support data processing operation by writing custom applications to process their order entry data. Applications include all order documents (carton labels, bills of lading, work orders and packing lists) and interfaces to EDI transmission systems and the UPS Worldship system.
IT Consultant
Rockland Paramedic Services
1995 – Present
Chief Developer
ELDS Asscociates, LLC
June 1969 – Present
Responsible for all aspects of the organization including marketing, product development and customer relations.
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Application Developer, Database Administrator, and Project Manager in a wide variety of business applications. Particularly interested in small and medium sized businesses. Use Microsoft Access to design and implement sophisticated applications. Always interested in full cycle business processes.

Specialties: Transportation, manufacturing, horticulture, education, leasing, trust and estates, investment accounting, emergency medicine

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