David Matson
Matson Consulting Concierge Services, AT&T eNOC Technician
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I've been in the Technology field my entire life; I eat and breathe Technology, and have always enjoyed playing in the Technology Sandbox.

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Professional Background
AT&T eNOC Technician
September 2009 – Present
I build Ethernet connections from a customer's premise location to our Switched Ethernet Cloud using two different technologies: an older/mature Cisco platform of Routers and Switches, and the newer and faster/fatter ASE (AT&T Switched Ethernet) platform, which is comprised of Juniper Routers in our Central Offices and Ciena Switches at the customer location.

UPDATE AS OF 9/17: Newly Promoted to the Completion Assistance Team (CAT).  I work with customers calling in regarding their orders that were recently completed within the last 30 days.  We handle the major ethernet ecosystems including Cisco, Juniper, Ciena and Fujitsu.

Additional Job Responsibilities undertaken:
• RD Supervisor duties
• Computer/Software repair guy ("LSA" Local Site Admin)
• Safety Committee (Emergency Response Team or ERT).
Owner, Sole Proprietor
Matson Consulting Services
April 2004 – Present
I enjoy helping my clients leverage the power of their computers, and help them secure their networks and systems.

• As the Founder/Owner, I advise customers on how to secure their internet connections, optimize their computer's efficiency, recommend software and applications to run, etc.
• I provide onsite and offsite troubleshooting and repairs of  computers and network connections, and realtime remote assistance via the internet.
• Additionally, I have provided Technical Support and Mobile Technology Evanglism to several different companies and websites, including Microsoft, GPS Tuner, and Nokia.
• I am also an Independant Writer and Product Reviewer, having published my articles on Mobility-centric websites like MobilitySite, MobilityToday, AximSite, Experience Mobility, and PocketPC & Smartphone Magazine.
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• As the FOUNDER/OWNER of Matson Consulting Services, I assist consumer and small business Clients

• As an eNOC TECHNICIAN for AT&T, I am responsible for building network connectivity between customer locations using Cisco & ASE (AT&T Switched Ethernet) networks.

• I am also an Independant Writer/Product Reviewer, with my blog site In My Mobile World.

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