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Born in New Zealand and move to the Netherlands at 16.
I have done all sorts of work from picking tomatoes to building caravans and collecting rubbish.

Nowdays, I work for a freight forwarding company.
I handled shipments from A-B for several years until our company needed someone to look after the computers.

Seeing that I had clocked the most hours behind a PC (Gaming) , I was the lucky winner......

After wrestling through AD 2000 and working on days that no one should be working, our network was born.
Surprisingly enough this went well and is still running smoothly today.

A year or 2 later I was allowed to do a course about what I had actually created.
Now I have a MCSA 2003 behind my belt.
It start out as MSCA 2000, but thanks to an administration error when booking my 2nd exam, I ended up passing a 2003 server exam without studying for it. Which was nice.

The last 3 years I have been developing our in-house production software. This VB6 application registers Air, Rail, Ocean & road transports and includes invoicing. So far it consists of 40 forms, 10 modules, 40 tables, 26 views and 11 sp's.
We officially started using it January 2004.

Someone else was going to write this for us, but due to some ..... stuff after a 1 1/2 years....., they guy had to stop.
Me being the lucky guy who sat next to him for many long nights, was dubbed the new VB6 expert and was granted the privilege to continue writing the program.
Although the plucks of gray hair may suggest otherwise, I really like programming. After only a year, I discovered the wonderful world of functions....... Of course that meant I had to rewrite almost 70% of the application. Which wasn't so nice. Not long after that I found out about error handling......... Wish I had found that one sooner. Might have less gray hair now.

The program is now being used in another office in Belgium and soon in Czech and possibly Hungry. This is of course a big achievement and a big headache.

We are interested in getting our software professionally rewritten and commercialized.  Some have shown great interest in doing this.

As you might have noticed I'm quite proud of my first program. Just as proud of it as I am frustrated by it.

My 2nd program was a little distribution application that needed very little changes after the first release. Apparently I learned a few these from that saga that is my first application. :-)

After recent talks with those professionals I mentioned before, I feel even more like an IT caveman.
Not only is VB6 ancient language and my own programming skills only around novice - intermediate level, I found out that
actually typing a program is also a thing of the past.

In the early days of my IT career Google was my only source of knowledge.  After seeing Experts-Exchange pop up so often in the search results I started pestering the boss about investing a meager 10 bucks a month for a subscription, 2 years later, I was allowed to join. :-) Yippy !!

Since that time my knowledge has improved in leaps and bounds. The time taken to re-invent the wheel with every new thing I come across, has greatly decreased.

My stress levels are at a stable low as well, now that I can discuss idea's with others.

Thanks EE and the EE Experts !!!!!

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