Florian Fullum
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Professional Background
Owner - Consultant
BBI Informatique Inc
January 1989 – Present
Leverage strong network and system expertise to direct and deliver Best of Breed cutting-edge visionary systems, consulting and integration services and end-to-end solutions that enable enterprises within diverse industries and business environments from start-up, early stage and high growth to develop and maintain effective and efficient IT service infrastructures.  

Selected Strategic Achievements
Contracted to analyze individual client business process and unique systems requirements and deliver a full spectrum of value added IT management consultancy services and solutions - strategically tailored to facilitate technology/customer transfer transition and ensure the successful deployment of mission critical enterprise management, security, networking, systems and project management initiatives.
Provide 'Best of Breed' cutting-edge integrated technology service/solutions for the value-added design, implementation and management of electronic information content, delivery systems and services, WWW and proprietary network services, document management, electronic document interface and multimedia applications, E-mail, electronic forums, database, interactive video/tele-conferencing.
Delivering project management, strategic planning, project planning, information design, process redesign, content management, automated web publishing, staff/management training and development, change management service/solutions into manageable phases

High-Profile Managed Client Projects/Contracts
* Steinberg Inc. (1991) - Contracted to develop and implement a Customer Tracking System to map individual customer geographical coordinate information
* Cultures Fresh Food Restaurants (1992) - Contracted to provide Network Management services
* Ivanhoe Inc.(1992) - Contracted to design and implement a proprietary Fixed Asset Management program
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Energetic and highly-motivated System Specialist whose extensive experience and cutting-edge technical vision align into powerful core values that fuel an infectious enthusiasm and passion for optimizing and managing mission critical IT projects in multi-platform environments.

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