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Everything went downhill after my mom found me messing around in her $2000 Pentium 90 in the mid 90's (she quite freaked out) - I managed to disassemble & reassemble the device in one day. From then on, I knew I had a passion for PC Hardware...

Since then, I studied Latin, Industrial Sciences, Commerce, and Informatics - but never finished any (haven't got a degree). I started out with varyous jobs (in a DIY shop, for a Jewish company - Hebrew soft is hard - ...), ending up where I work now.

So, now I'm working with a company that delivers sound systems. We've got 3 different programs to play protected MP3 music in bars, retailers - even our country's national airport has got a system.
I am in charge of the technical dept., and have to service more than 1K running systems (and the inept people that use the systems), manage R&D tasks, helpdesk, repair, ...

As a hobby, I build custom PC's - my clients vary from seniors that want to be up-to-date (low-end systems for mailing and surfing) to students and gamers that are looking for state of the art equipment (NF3/4, AMD64, SLI and wat else daddy can buy them).
From time to time I like to mod - from cosmetic mods like see-through panels to performance/sound mods to keep a system cool & quiet (air ducts, heatpipes, ...).

I'm also interested in enterprise storage (Raid, Scsi, Fibre Channel) and Sun Microsystems, but am still a novice in that sector.

And yes, I also manage to have a personal life on top of that, so for the people that ever get to Antwerp (Belgium, Europe) - just drop me a line to go have a beer ^_^
I may be quite young and unexperienced, if you get to know me better you will see that I'm quite responsible, loyal, and ambitious.

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