Gökhan POLAT
Senior manager
  • Turkey
Member Since: 2018/03/25
Industry: Consulting
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executive experienced in internal auditing | IT risk management | information security & intelligence  [CIA, CISA, CRISC, CRMA, CCSA, CGAP]

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Professional Background
Ankara University
September 2017 – Present
Ankara, Turkey
Conducting "Information Technology Audit" lessons in Internal Audit and Internal Control Master Program. Lessons consist of 5 main domains which are almost similar to ISACA CISA Exam Syllabus:
- The process of auditing information systems
- Governance and management of IT
- Information systems acquisition, development, and implementation
- Information systems operations, maintenance, and support
- Protection of information assets
This course aims to train students for successful and productive careers in both industry and academia.
Seminar Leader
Turkiye Ic Denetim Enstitüsü (TİDE) IIA Turkey
May 2017 – Present
Istanbul, Turkey
Head of Internal Audit
Bakirkoy Municipality
December 2015 – Present
Istanbul, Turkey
Founded, organized, and lead the newly developed internal audit department that aligns with international standards. Coordinated audits, and field investigations with staff.  
- Improved the ability of the department to audit and monitor IT and information security.
- Enhance public confidence in the organization by improving security and accountability.
- Support ISO/IEC 27001:2013 ISMS sustaining efforts and strengthen information security architecture of organization through assurance and consultancy services.
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I am a highly motivated and recommended professional, who strives for a successful team and delivers results. I am passionate and focused on building a strong team. For more than two years, I've been directing the internal audit department that I created and aligning it with the international standards.

The proven expertise I have gained in the field is information technology auditing and risk management. I provide lectures and seminars on the topics of internal audits, IT audits, internal controls, and risk management.

I have taken management responsibilities in high-risk areas and worked multiple occasions with multinational teams in high-risk missions.

Revolutionary and asymmetric thinking has been the primary tenet of my career life. And I have a unique passion for embracing and adapting to change, empowering people, and building life-changing experiences.  

Internally I guided colleagues to success with confidence and guidance. And with the techniques learned I used to benefit colleagues to better improve the team's progress.

Still, I've been mentoring colleagues after work hours, in achieving their certification targets in a non-profit way. By the way, I am a fitness and skate-board enthusiast (with a minimal repute). I also serve as an instructor in a scuba-diving school. Personally, I always act like a "perpetuum mobile"... once setting a target, work for it with an infinite energy.

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