Hamid Karimnejad
Network Operations Specialist
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Network & Infrastructure Manager at Sayesaman.

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Professional Background
Senior Network System Supervisor
Sayesaman Distribution Of Food Company (Sunich)
April 2016 – Present
The IT supervisor works with other information technology management professionals to install, maintain, and upgrade an organization's technology systems. Supervisors generally oversee a team of IT administrators and support personnel responsible for the day-to-day operation of the IT network and system components.
Senior Network Engineer
Sayesaman Distribution Of Food Company (Sunich)
January 2011 – Present
About Sayesaman’s Company:

Company was established in 1998 as a private and family owned corporation. Sayesaman operate as an affiliated body of Alizad group of companies, having a dedicated distribution structure for our affiliated manufacturing companies with the brands of SUNICH, NESTLE, SHIBA and REDBULL.
As in 1394, the number of workers in this category increased to 3000 persons with 20 Branches in all over Country.
Network Operations Specialist
Iseikco & IKCO Company
January 2009 – Present
IT Operations Supervisor
Whole Network Infrastructure
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* HP Servers Maintenance and configuring (G5, G6, G7, G8) (HP DL & ML Servers Technology) & Supporting administration of large group of servers.
* Responsible for Infrastructure Backup (Virtual Machines & Data Bases) By Symantec Backup Exec (2010~2015), Arc Server, Veem One
 -   Disaster recovery all network services and devices.
 -   Managing all system back-up and restore procedures.
 -  Working with Tape Products [Robotic Library Quantum scalar i40 working experience]
 -  Disk Storages [Overland Snap Servers SAN/NAS and QNAP NAS]
* Planning – Installing & Configuring All of domain solution based on windows server 2008-2008R2-2012-2012R2
* Cyberoam UTMs & MikroTik's Routers
* Responsible for Branches Communication
  - Implement Site to Site and Client to Site VPN for Small and Enterprise Site
  - Carry out implementation of new office or factory IT setup
* Experience DMZ Zone Design with Existence Firewalls MikroTik's or Cyberoam  
* Familiar with Microsoft Lync Solution

* Produce and maintain infrastructure and configuration documentations and network problems and resolution for future reference.
• Experienced with Mail Server MDaemon Pro (Implementation and Configuration with Multiple Gateway, Anti-spam)  
• Planning and Configuring Wireless Solutions and Experienced with MikroTik's radio and access point indoor & Outdoor, UBNT UAP Pro with Software Controller as indoor Devices and Nano Station UBNT 5 as outdoor devices.
• Familiar with ITIL v3 Standard and Experienced with related tools such as Manage Engine Service Desk+(Implement and configure base on ITILv3 Concepts as a single point Communication tools to manage IT Services I'm Also familiar with Monitoring tools Such as  Manage Engine AD Audit Manager in this category )
* Experienced with Network Passive & Active (EXECUTIVE, IMPLEMENT AND DESIGN A NETWORK)
* Experienced to Implementing Internet sharing Solutions such as Hotspot and MikroTik’s User Accounting.


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