Hankwembo Christopher,FCCA,FZICA,CIA,MAAT,B.A.Sc
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  • Lusaka,
  • Zambia
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Industry: Accounting/Finance
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Christopher Hankwembo is a Zambian Chartered Accountant and also developer of CA Premier Accounting Package

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Oxford Brookes Unversity
Bachelor Of Science Degree
Applied Accounting
2001 – 2005
The program covered the following:
(1) Accounting
(2) Finance
(3) Taxation
(4) Business Information Systems
(5) Auditing
(6) Business Law ( UK stream)
Professional Background
Chief Executive Officer & Founder
Nector Prime Accounting Solutions
February 2014 – Present
Benefits of hiring Nector Prime Accounting Solutions

(1)      Keeps you on path
Engaging us saves you on track with all of your payments, business expenses, bookkeeping, and financial development. Having someone who understands your finances also decreases the potential for your business to be in financial risks because it eliminates the possibility of errors occurring. Bookkeeping records are indispensable in any business. Not only does it record your sales, purchases and daily expenses, but it also keeps track of all financial events that arise within your business. Having Nector prime accounting solutions as your personal (ZICA) registered accountants gives you a plus as we can help you to have a detailed record of all financial transactions that take place, plus you can predict potential financial gains or even losses.

(2)      Helps during puzzling tax times
Tax forms (ZRA online system) can be deadly and often times extremely confusing to someone who is not conversant with how the system works. Having Nector prime accounting solutions to your side can help make sure that all of your bends are in row, the correct paperwork gets filed, and that you don’t fall behind since we are specifically experienced in tax matters. In addition to doing your taxes for you, Nector prime accounting solutions can guide you and give advice on any tax- planning issues or decisions. No one wants to deal with the ZRA tax queries and Nector prime accounting solutions practically guarantees you’ll never have to have that concern.
Chief Executive Officer & Founder
Nector Prime Accounting Solutions - CA
February 2014 – Present
o      Managing strategic clients relations and vendor contracts;
o      Developing and gaining buy-in to the firm’s market positioning, messaging and annual marketing plan and assisting those assigned to implement it as needed;
o      Developing alliances with 3rd parties, including other CAs, as warranted;
o      Approving the firm’s calendar of events;
o      Representing the firm at key community events, firm functions and other meetings;
Full Biography

A firm of chartered accountants which diligently monitors budgetary matters to achieve financial accountability and transparency. Results-oriented Internal Auditors, Public Accountants and Tax advisors, adept at applying innovative, entrepreneurial thinking to creatively identify and resolve issues in a timely manner. Skilled in risk assessment and discussing potential compliance issues with clients.Conceptual thinkers successful at refining internal audit systems. Inquisitive Finance Auditor driven to ask pertinent questions, Accounting and Finance specialist, and promote overall system improvements. Consistently help rather than hinders business objectives.

1 Results-oriented      
2 Operations management            
3 Client-focused
4 Excel in areas of management expertise
5 Proficiency in Internal auditing & finance
6 Computer proficient
7 Reports generation and analysis
8 Risk management expertise
9 Fully vested with IFRS

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