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Logic Duo LLC
May 2015 – Present
Frederick, Maryland
A friend and I are in the process of starting a software company, The goal is to make complex tasks simple, and allow delegation of tasks to be more wide spread without having to give away too many rights.
Enterprise Systems Administration Team Member
Montgomery County Public Schools
October 2007 – Present
Rockville, Maryland
I am in charge of Managing / Operating / Configuring / Maintaining Forefront Identity Manager for MCPS. We have two major data sources Staff (HR Records) and Students (Student System Records). We have over 155,000 student accounts and 30,000 employee accounts, 257 physical locations, and thousands of location codes and job codes that we key off of.
Systems Administration
Potomac Valley Orthopaedic Associates Chartered
August 2002 – April 2007
Olney, Maryland
I was responsible for Server configuration and administration, Phone system configuration and administration, LAN/WAN configuration and Administration, Medical Software Administration and Break Fix, Desktop/End User Support, PACS configuration and administration, Exchange configuration and administration, and some software programming.
I was a one man team for 4 of my 5 years there, we had over 150 desktops, and had implemented digital x-ray at all of our locations.
I developed the VoIP configuration and made a unified dialing plan between all the locations, with extension dialing from each site. full redundancy, on wan and PRI links.
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Hey I'm Jason,
I currently work for a school system, as well as starting a software company (Hopefully)
At this given time I am running 9 servers at home, 3 running VMWare, rest are physical installs, mostly SQL DB's.
I use both Microsoft SQL and MySQL with my applications, Over the past year I have thought my self, but my foundation is in Visual Basic 6 (High School course).
As I have been told, I am the kind of person who throws the manual behind me and says lets dig in. I must agree.
I am A+ and Network+ certified, I love strategizing and building an implementation and deployment plan.
I have been trained in CCNA and MCSE.
Also like doing floor plans and any other type of planning and documenting.
Meeting material, Owners Manuals, and Presentations are my strong points, Spelling not so much. :-)
I guess that about sums me up.
- Jason

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