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Jonathan DiVincenzo is an IT professional with 10+ years of engagement with using and studying computers and related devices and 5+ years of working in a network environment. Jonathan has attended many seminars and webinars informing IT professionals of networking procedures and trends. He has a desire to excel in what he does and does not settle with what he already knows.

Jonathan's academic career in Information Technology began in 2007 when he attended Lincoln Tech in pursuit of a diploma in Network Administration. There, he acqiured the basics of working with Active Directory, Group Policy, Windows Server, TCP/IP and other fundamental networking principles. Currently, he is a student at DeVry University working towards a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science with a scope of Network Administration & Management. The curriculum consists of labs which are both hands-on and simulation. These labs cover areas such as working with routing, switching, security, infrastructure development and scripting. While furthering his understanding of networking and gaining new knowledge of computer science, he also has new-found knowledge in the areas of accounting, management, and business.

The origin of his professional career in Information Technology began in 2008 where he provided help desk support and was quickly and actively involved in minor networking tasks. Such tasks included server upgrades, backup rotations, wireless configurations, VPN and VOiP support, routing and switching, and account management. He utilized software from Symantec, Windows (Windows 2000 – Windows Server 2003), Cisco, SolarWinds and Spiceworks as well as hardware from Cisco, HP, Dell, Barracuda, Panasonic and Blackberry. In more recent positions, Jonathan provided help desk support and network support and carried out more responsibilities relevant to network administration.

A more  in-depth summary of work and academic experience is available upon request.

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