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Hello, I'm an Indie Game Developer. And I'm mostly here to ask about VBA focused to MS Office, Power Point.

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I never got to finish the career due to personal issues.
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Hello, my name is Jorge, I'm 21 Years Old and I'm a Indie Game Developer trying to make games that stand off from the rest. I gained interest for game development when I was 10 because I just loved videogames and the experience they provided to people, at that time it was magical to Me, it took sometime but after two years later I finally started to get into Game Development, this was thanks to my father that gave me a Computer for Children's Day.

At first I was lost on where to start, looking in the internet opened a world of possibilities (Flash games were big back then, but I didn't knew how to code or animate properly so I skipped Flash games.) and somehow I found out that it was possible to make Games in Ms Power Point and that's where I started because the other options seemed out-of-reach.

Fast Foward 9 years later, I've already developed a lot of Power Point games that have been for the most part pretty solid. I'm starting to get into Godot and I started taking CS Courses to get better at game development. Things are working out, and I'm planning on retiring from Power Point as a whole, but not before finishing my last game on the program.

A game that surpasses all of my previous work, and it's full of useful vba functions, great animations, an interesting storyline and rewarding mechanics. I'm excited to finish the game and share it with people around the world, it might not be the best game ever since it was made and designed with the limitations of Power Point not being a Game Engine but I'm sure that some people will appreciate it for what it's going to be, a love letter to Power Point and the old charm that Games had when I was 10.

Things to add before I wrap this up: I mostly excel at Game Design and UX/UI. Else coding, animating, visuals and sound design are not my strongest attributes but I don't suck at them, in fact I want to get better at those, even if I already specialized myself at UX/UI and Game Design.

I work as a Free Lance sometimes, mostly by designing UX's and UI's for Web's and phones, But I wish I could work with a game company or someone making a game. I'd be interesting to work on someone else's game for a change of pace.

If You so happened to read my whole bio, thanks for doing so, I appreciate it a lot.

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