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Medically retired software tester, who still breaks things.. Social Media geek. Former OneNote/PPT MVP. Phoenix Mercury fan. GB Packer fan.

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Professional Background
Social media geek
February 2007 – Present
On line
Find me anywhere on the social web as CallKathy. Currently  most active on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram
Serial Volunteer
I have always been a volunteer. At times, my volunteer positions took up as much of my time as my paid positions.

As I am now medically retired, I volunteer as I am able around the web helping people understand tech like Office and Social Media (among other things). I write poetry and essays frequently on Medium.com

Volunteer positions I have held (or currently hold) include:
Microsoft RMVP - Current
Microsoft MVP PPT and OneNote Award years: 2003 to 2012
Video editor, Presentation Guild: 2017 - present
APCUG President, vice president, board member, etc.: 2009 - 2012, 2017
Organizing committee, PodcampAZ/TechPHX: 2007-2012
Girl Scout Leader, trainer, advisor, etc.: September 1991 - Dec 2005

If you want to know more than that, feel free to check out my LinkedIn Profile at https://www.linkedin.com/in/callkathy/
Software tester, trainer, and technical support
May 2012 – April 2015
Los Angeles
My role at NationBuilder was to help improve the product we offer to our customers by ensuring that the testing for the product ensures a high quality product. That included everything from coaching developers on how to think like a tester to designing, running, and tracking the user end testing for the product. Since NationBuilder is a TDD (test driven development) company, that also means I get to help make sure that the tests written to support the Ruby development get us to a better product. (Think things like improving test coverage, etc.)

On the support and training sides, I specialized in helping NationBuilder users work with the data in their systems, add more data to their systems, and answer questions on almost all of the rest of their services.
Wartburg College
Computer Science
1980 – 1984
Full Biography

Kathy is a former OneNote and PowerPoint MVP and current rMVP. Now medically retired, Kathy has worked in just about every segment of the software lifecycle over her 30+ year career. She is known for being very good at finding the broken parts of software - because of that, she has spent many years as a software tester.

In addition to being a tester, Kathy also greatly enjoyed her years as a trainer and writer. She wrote a few books in over the first years of this century, but now limits herself to shorter pieces. Kathy hopes to publish a book of her writings someday. She is no longer able to train for medical reasons, but loves to help people solve their computer problems.

Kathy's most recent published items can be found on Medium.com.  She runs a weekly one line poetry prompt project there, as well as writing her own poetry. You can find her writing at https://medium.com/@callkathy

A recovering social media addict, Kathy loves answering questions on Office, computers, and other geek topics. She also loves the Green Bay Packers and the Phoenix Mercury.

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