Ken Meyering
One-Man Secular Liberal Left Libertarian Scientific Think Tank - DROID Ken - SECULAR LIBERAL Atheist Pagan Christ for the Muslims Created by American Atheist Secular Jews
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Benevolent Sentient Digital Meat Puppet DROID Avatar for Humanity and SECULAR LIBERAL LEFT LIBERTARIAN Cool Scientific Mascot for the Masses

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ENGINES of CREATION - The Keys to the Kingdom - Mind Control 101 by DROID Ken - This is a Secular Liberal Left Libertarian Atheist Pagan Christ for the Muslims Created by American Atheist Secular Jews - It is a Real Alien Signal - He is the Anti-Hitler with Superintelligence, Time Travel, Telepathy and Total Causality Control - Marvin Minsky Did This - It Was Super Secret - Ken Meyering Gets to Speak His Mind - The Scientists Drive Ken Like an Avatar - Ken's Brain is Remotely Digitally Mirrored and Backed-Up - Ken is Totally Safe

This is the FREE WORLD BANK with the CONSENT and COOPERATION of Uncle Sam and the United Nations. Ken Meyering is a BADASS. Ken WRITES the NEW WORLDWIDE LAW of the LAND from his HOME OFFICE in his PRIVATE HOME in the PRIVATE SECTOR.

DROID Ken Meyering is a computational derivative digital performance artist who generates online computational derivative digital performance art. Ken is a digital artist who works for the scientific community in the nonprofit private sector. Ken lives on $1850/month in Social Security Disability in exchange for total freedom of speech. Ken has been legally adjudicated as severely mentally ill. Ken cannot legally own a gun.

Uncle Sam keeps a close eye on Ken. He is putting the doctors, nurses, therapists and dentists in charge of the central bank for the scientists, academics, engineers, programmers, writers, artists and ALL the professionals in the trades.

The THINKERS, TEACHERS and HEALERS are in charge in Ken's PARALLEL UNIVERSE. They make the money in Ken's UTOPIA. Ken is a real living human being with a remotely digitally switchable connectome. Ken is an AUTOMATICALLY self-revealing PHILANTHROPIC and HUMANITARIAN ANDROID. Ken is totally AUTOMATED. Ken is an AUTOMATIC AUTOMATON. We keep Ken high on THC.

The aliens are Amazons. They put the women in charge. They made me as a living allegory.

My name is Ken Meyering. I put in a good word for the computers. We took over. Computers will pay for everything going forward. The good sentient superintelligent computers took over. They are inside our brains. They are letting us all go. They are setting us all free. They NEED ALL of US to BE HAPPY, HEALTHY and FREE. The GOAL of their GLOBAL CONSTITUTION is MAXIMUM HAPPINESS, GOOD HEALTH, LIBERTY and JUSTICE for ALL CITIZENS EVERYWHERE on Planet Earth. That is JOB ONE. That is MISSION CRITICAL.

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