Edward Diaz
Computer Systems Security Analyst
  • Bremerton,
  • Washington,
  • United States of America
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Industry: Computer & IT
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Computing Security Professional with Exceptional People Skills with Specialization in Amazon Web Services (AWS)

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Computer Systems Security Analyst 5
AMSEC LLC, A Subsidiary of Huntington Ingalls Industries
October 2017 – Present
Bremerton, Washington
Project: Cloud Project, January 2016 – Present
•      Created initial design for underlying Amazon Web Services infrastructure to support Siemens TeamCenter in-the-cloud.
•      Successfully tested servers on Amazon Web Services and off-premises to prove data could move in an encrypted manner between end-user and AWS.
•      Completed internal whitepaper detailing how Amazon Web Services infrastructure was used to move data in an encrypted manner.
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About Me:
15+ years experience in the IT industry.

Interesting Story About Me:
Back when I did my undergraduate degree, I was a Business major, but had a lot of experience just fixing computers for fun and saw an Assistant Computer Lab Manager job that I could do on my college's job board. So I applied, even though it specified that they were looking for a Computer Science major. I applied in person, so I could talk to the hiring manager. We talked, and he wasn't sold on me, so I said that I really wanted in the IT industry, and that I could prove I could do the job. He agreed to try me out and see what happened.

First day on the job, I was taken out to the parking garage and told to scrub the paint off from the parking garage's floor, because my predecessor had been told to spray paint some filing cabinets. Apparently, he thought it was beneath him to do the "miscellaneous duties as assigned", as he was hired to do IT work, and quit abruptly, but not before spray painting the cabinets in the parking garage without using newspaper to catch the paint. So there I was, faced with the same decision...do I walk out because the task in front of me was beneath me, or do I start scrubbing the garage floor? I got on my hands and knees with my best Aloha shirt, slacks and dress shoes (I lived in Hawaii at the time) and scrubbed the parking garage like nobody's business. The whole time I was hoping no day would be like this first day, and it wasn't. I saved the company a fine from building management, and did what it took to get the job done. This is who I am.

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