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Helping people and organizations make better data based decisions to achieve their missions

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Professional Background
FMS, Inc.
October 1986 – Present
Vienna, VA
President and Founder of FMS, Inc., the world's leading creator of commercial products for Microsoft Access with tens of thousands of customers in over 100 countries. Have also created a wide range of custom solutions using Microsoft Access, SQL Server, Visual Studio .NET and Visual Basic 6.
Board Member
Fairfax County Government
January 2009 – December 2018
Fairfax, Virginia
Appointed by the Fairfax County School Board to serve on the Fairfax County Information Technology Policy Advisory Committee. ITPAC provides governance for the County Board of Supervisors regarding priorities for county investments in technology.
Harvard University
Physical Oceanography
1984 – 1985
Studied under Professor Alan Robinson in the Earth and Planetary Physics Department. Research with the Office of Naval Research and Naval Postgraduate School in Monterrey, California.
Harvard College
Engineering and Applied Sciences
1981 – 1985
Specialized in Applied Mechanics
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President and founder of FMS, Inc. ( located in Tysons Corner, Virginia (near Washington DC). Our Facebook page is

FMS is the world's leading developer of products for Microsoft Access developers, and a top vendor of products for the SQL Server, Visual Studio .NET, and Visual Basic communities. With tens of thousands of customers in over 100 countries, FMS customers are comprised of a variety of organizations from small to large including 90 of the Fortune 100 and every US federal government department.

In addition to our popular products, FMS also offers consulting services creating custom database applications on Windows and the web. Clients include small organizations and non-profits, financial institutions, health care providers, state and local governments, the federal government, and Fortune 100 firms. FMS also offers solutions to the US intelligence community. FMS is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and In-Q-Tel portfolio company.

Since founding FMS in 1986, I have directed the company's product development and consulting services efforts as the database industry evolved. In addition to being a primary author and designer of many FMS commercial products, I have provided consulting services to a wide range of clients. My strengths lie with database design. I'm a big supporter of the Microsoft Access developer community since its inception, am a Microsoft MVP, and was featured by Microsoft as an Access Hero during Access' 10 year anniversary celebration. I have spoken at conferences across the US and Europe, and published many articles in industry magazines. My white paper on Microsoft Access in an Organization's Overall Database Strategy has helped define the important role Access plays  (, and Taking Over (Inheriting) Legacy Microsoft Access Database Applications,, has also had industry impact.

We also offer a wide range of Microsoft Access related resources:

and information on Access to SQL Server Upsizing:

I'm a significant designer and/or author of several FMS products including:

Total Access Analyzer
This product performs detailed analysis of your database, documents individual objects and how they are connected to each other, and performs detailed VBA code analysis. It finds over 280 types of issues ranging from things that would cause your application to crash (in which case you're not ready to ship), ways to improve your design, unused objects and code, duplicate SQL strings, and much more. You'll definitely learn a lot about creating better Access applications when it pinpoints issues in your work. It's also great for taking over existing applications to see how they work (the Application and Data Flow diagrams are particularly useful).

Total Visual CodeTools
This works for VBA and VB6. It has code builders to help write code such as new procedures with your error handling and comment structure in place, converting query SQL into code, opening recordsets in DAO or ADO, etc. It also has a Code Cleanup feature to cleanup existing code (setting indentations, adding error handling, renaming variables, etc). The Code Delivery feature lets you obfuscate code and more importantly add line numbers to code so that when you deliver it to users and they crash, your error handler can pinpoint exactly where it occurred.

Total Access Emailer
To send personalized text and HTML emails to people in your list, including the ability to send filtered data or reports to each recipient.

Total Access Statistics 
Perform advanced numerical analysis on Access data with all results in tables. Calculate regressions, percentiles, moving averages, correlations, rankings, probabilities, t-tests, ANOVA, non-parametrics, etc.

Total Access Detective
Compares any two objects or two databases for differences at the object, property, code, and data level. Can also merge data from two tables.

Total Visual SourceBook
A royalty-free source code library with 85,000+ lines of well tested and consistent code

Total Access Speller
Make sure your user interface (labels, captions, status bar text, etc.) are spell checked.

Total Access Memo
Add rich text memo fields to your forms and reports.

Total Access Components
A collection of 29 ActiveX controls to enhance your user interface and simplify programming.

Total Access Admin
Monitor Access MDB and ACCDB databases to see who's going in and out of them in real time and pinpoint connections that are being dropped improperly.

Total Visual Agent
An automated scheduler of database chores and tasks. Easily compact databases across a network in the middle of the night. Schedule macros to run, etc.

Total Access Startup
Centrally manage Access databases, deploy them to each desktop and make sure everyone has the right version of Access running the right version of your database.

Visit for all the FMS products for Microsoft Access, SQL Server, ASP.NET, and VB6 developers.

Sentinel Visualizer
The FMS Advanced Systems Group ( has created Sentinel Visualizer an advenforcement analysis platform for the intelligence, defense and law enforcment communities. Offering data visualization through link charts, social network analysis metrics (SNA), geospatial integration with Google Earth, timelines, decluttering, cell/clique analysis, etc., Sentinel Visualizer enables users to find hidden relationships among people, places, and events for actionable intelligence.

I've served many years with the Fairfax County School System on a business advisory board to the Superintendent, and represent the School Board on the county's IT Policy Advisory Committee to the Board of Supervisors. I'm a past president of the Washington, DC chapter of the Entrepreneurs Organization. I'm a graduate of Harvard University with Bachelor and Master Degrees in Engineering and Applied Sciences, with a specialization in Physical Oceanography.

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