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September 2005-Present            DPRA, Incorporated, Knoxville, TN
October 2003-September 2005      Housecall Medical Resources, Inc., Knoxville, TN
September 1987 - August 2003      PC Engineering, Inc., Knoxville, TN

Since joining DPRA Incorporated, Mr. Kimzey participated in the following projects:

" CEPTER Prototype  Converted JFAST v. 8.1 into a TRANSMOD Demo for The Australian Defence Force.
" JFAST Enhancements including:
o      Revision to the Preferred Ports Editor to allow users to apply sequence changes across multiple Origin 
                     SPOD pairs.
o      Participant in the development of a Staging Area Editor and Port Enablers.
o      Developed an MFC based COM wrapper around the ENet library for use in the MOIP Project.
o      Developed the Sealift Capacity Estimator

" Distributed Simulation Network
o      Technical Lead for the DPRA, Inc. DSN Project

Prior to joining DPRA Incorporated, Mr. Kimzey participated in the following projects:

Housecall Medical Resources, Inc., Manager  Software Development, Knoxville, TN
" Managed two developers and supported four clinical/financial applications for this home health and hospice
  organization of 2,000 employees.
" Participated in the development and support of consolidated operational, financial and clinical reports that pull data from separate WebCARE, CareCompass and HHAMIS databases.
" Created several tools to better manage the department including a project tracking report and metrics related to project estimating, meeting deadlines and product quality.

PC Engineering, Inc., Chief Operations Officer, Knoxville, TN
" Lead developer for improvit Process Control Software Products.  improvit is a statistical process control application for Microsoft Windows.
" Principal Developer and Support for US EPA GRIT/STAT Software.  GRITS/STAT is a publicly available database system for tracking and analyzing Groundwater data.  GRITS/STAT stands for GRoundwater Information Tracking System with STATistical Analysis.
" Developed software used in the 37th Annual Tennessee Quality Conference Workshop.


Mr. Kimzey is proficient in the following programming languages, tools and libraries:

Microsoft Visual Basic
Microsoft Visual
Microsoft Visual C++
Microsoft Visual C#
Microsoft Visual FoxPro
Microsoft Visual J++
Microsoft SQL Server 7.0-2008
Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, PowerPoint)
Microsoft Windows API
Borland Object Windows Library (OWL)
Microsoft Foundation Classes  (MFC)
Sequiter CodeBase
Visual Numerics IMSL
Liveware Publishing Arpeggio and R&R Report Writer
Business Objects Crystal Reports
Rockwell Arena Simulation Software

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