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Meetu Choudhary is a software professional with a Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist and Microsoft Certified Professional Developer. She has been doing software development over 4 years. Meetu started her community as a Co-founder and webmaster of and to establish free IT education especially Microsoft Technology.

Meetu is known to the .NET Community through her .Net articles and other stuffs at, free I.T education websites and .  As the journey is just started so, Meetu decided to expand the online .Net community in its high level so, she attached with as a Site Coordinator.

Meetu is a graduate in IT&M before she did her Masters in Computers. She loves to  help others. She started the community activities several years back with the aim of helping poor students and graduates to learn programming skills. She switched to internet based training and joined a website called  "dotnetspider" is an online .NET tutorials and guide for the latest Microsoft technologies, aimed to help new graduates acquire programming skills and learn the best programming practices. is founded by Tony John to gather a good and quality IT professionals under one roof. This is the community sharing Technical views. Several Microsoft MVPs are directly or indirectly involved in this community offering their guidance.

When Meetu joined as a member of DotNetSpider website, she wasnt aware of the MVP recognition. But she started becoming popular among .NET communities by her contributions in DotNetSpider and was selected as Editor of DotNetSpider website. Then she became Senior Editor and now she is the site coordinator of DotNetSpider. The founder of this website Mr. Tony John referred Meetu to this prestigious MVP Award and Meetu was selected for the award.  

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