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Read my BIO! My main reason for being a member is to obtain answers that I do not have the time to investigate on my own.

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Not my main occupation, but I do have a unique talent for finding electrical items that are extremely rare and some thought to be non existent. I perform this service for curators of two museums that want particular items. Very early Tesla, Westinghouse, Edison and similar. I find it very rewarding to first of all save a rare item from the melting pot in many cases and then to put the items in the hands of people that light up with joy upon viewing them. Just an aside into what I like to do.
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EXPERTS, I must add this additional note. Due to unique and unpredictable situations in my life, there are occasions that prevent me from posting a timely response to questions or to close a question  if solved. A large percentage of this is due to health conditions that are beyond my control. Please do not assume I am purposely ignoring any need for a response. Life happens and I deal with it the best way I possibly can. Thanks for understanding!

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