IT Manager-Africa /Technical Services Manager
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Senior ITC Project Manager - Mining & Minerals / ITC Technical Services Director / Infrastructure Architect

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Professional Background
IT Manager-Africa/Technical Services Manager
Capital Drilling
February 2010 – Present
► Manage global remote sites and infrastructure in Africa, Europe, North America and Asia Pacific.
► Redesign, implement and manage core ITC infrastructure projects for all sites.
► Conduct periodic audits to ensure IT infrastructure and usage compliance with London Stock Exchange code of conduct requirements.
► Budget, design and provide ITC project management for Capital Drilling:
       - Remote site LAN/WAN integrated solutions and projects.
       - Backup.
       - Disaster recovery systems and solutions.
       - IT infrastructure security implementation and support.
       - IT systems service and support.
       - V-Sat systems and support.
       - Mobile Communication and surveillance solutions/projects built on IoT fundamentals.
       - Client/Server environment solutions.
       - Server application solutions.
       - Global implementation and support teams and global client projects.
       - Managing remote partners, vendors and suppliers around Africa, Middle East, North America and Asia.
IT Manager-Africa /Technical Services Manager
Cap-Sat Technologies
February 2010 – Present
► Oversee V-Sat solution projects at client remote sites, including all aspects of V-Sat deployments project management and troubleshooting.
► Direct global ITC implementation projects: support teams, 3rd party clients, partners and suppliers.
► Lead client LAN/WAN infrastructure integrated solutions projects (troubleshooting, project management, and more).
► Manage projects and troubleshoot hardware/software, client/server environment solutions, storage solutions, and server application solutions.
► Create, negotiate and implement multiple types policies to meet client requirements: client access policies, Service Level Agreements, computer usage policies and business continuity plans.
► Lead business development activities, including auditing, creating and delivering client infrastructure assessment reports.
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I am a highly analytical, performance-focused and technically inclined IT Project Manager and Consultant with demonstrated success bringing global mining and metals projects to completion. Skilled in IT service management, I have broad-based experience in all areas of information technology, project management, IoT systems and designs, V-Sat and communication solutions, security and surveillance, servers, backup technologies, and software installation.

I am a leader at the helm of many large, complex projects in harsh and high-risk environments, where I develop and deploy secure, robust, and innovative solutions. Known for my expertise developing strategic solutions to problems, I achieve goals on-time and on-budget and exceed expectations.

Equipped with excellent judgment and decision-making skills, I excel at collaborating with customers and colleagues, negotiating, leading and training junior staff, and working with people of diverse backgrounds.

With more than 20 years of experience in IT Services, my expertise enables me to assess and troubleshoot client needs, oversee logistics in remote areas of the world, and facilitate intelligent business. Adept at utilitizing multiple IT programs and frameworks, I have the tools needed for any job.

Key Competencies:
► Core ITC infrastructure
►Remote site LAN/WAN integrated solutions and projects
►Backup and disaster recovery systems and solutions
►IT infrastructure security implementation and support
►IT systems service and support
►V-Sat systems and support.
►Mobile Communication and surveillance solutions/projects built on IoT fundamentals.
►Client/Server environment solutions
►Server application solutions
►Global implementation and support teams, and global client projects
►Remote partners and suppliers

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