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Automation Specialist at Pacific Gas & Electric / PG&E

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Professional Background
Automation Specialist
Pacific Gas & Electric / PG&E
April 2018 – Present
Walnut Creek
* Improve accuracy on intake forms from engineers in the field (welding, burying pipes).  
* Automate processes and eliminate data-migration errors.
* Execute code based on road-map showing precedence and hierarchal layout.
Web development, Java scripting, Python Training
February 2018 – Present
San Francisco Bay Area
•      HTML, cascading style sheets, jquery, embedded java scripting and python scripting.
•      FTP (File-Transfer Protocol) for hosting server-based web sites.
•      Self-Published material:,
•      Tutoring in OneNote, Excel, Access, Word, Visio, VBA.
•      In the accellerated Job Search Accellerator class at JVS (Jewish Vocational Services).
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“Our doubts are traitors
And make us lose the good we oft might win
By fearing to attempt.”
– William Shakespeare, Measure for Measure

Understanding each client’s unique data-analysis and reporting requirements, I build comprehensive solutions and empower consumers with configurable applications, which they are at liberty to tailor to their own specifications.  I build from scratch and upgrade existing applications.  My upgrades replace convolution with straightforwardness, concealdness with transparency, rigidity with flexibility, and fixedness with scalability.    

In supporting my clients’ needs, I focus on these key areas:

Analyst / Programmer / Consumer liaison.
Full life-cycle development.
Straightforward and intuitive user interfaces.
On-demand filtering, analysis, and reporting.
Interdepartmental collaboration.
Seamless work-product handoffs.

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Life-long pianist: classical and classic rock
Lumosity enthusiast:
99th percentile rating in all 5 major categories: Speed, Flexibility, Memory, Attention, Problem Solving.

Peter Ferber Specialties:
MSBI (Microsoft Business Intelligence), Excel, Access, VB (Visual Basic) Development (VBA, VB.Net), OOP (Object-Oriented Programming), Visual Studio, SQL (Structured Query Language), PowerPivot, Class Modules, SQL Server, Oracle (TOAD editor), Diagramming and Vector Graphics Analysis (Visio), SSAS (Analysis Services), SSIS (Integration Services), UI (User Interfaces), On Demand, Transparent, Scalable, Collaborative, Software Upgrade, Analysis, Full Life Cycle, RDBMS (Relational Database Management Services), OLAP (Online Analytical Processing), Finance, Engineering, Education, BI (Business Intelligence) Stack, Technical Business Analyst.

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