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Professional Problem Solver
Royal LePage Signature Realty, Toronto
May 2013 – Present
I assist sellers to get the best possible price, by presenting the property to the maximum number of serious, qualified, in a hurry buyers.

In the past 3 months, about 10 properties similar to yours sold. Most for about average, a few below average or near the bottom, and a few near the top or at the top.  I'll show you how to seller near the top end of the price range buyers are willing to pay in this market at this time.
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When people put their home up for sale, they usually want an Above Average selling price - Is this what you want?

They KEY to the HIGHEST and BEST offers is MULTIPLE OFFERS.

The key to Multiple Offers is MULTIPLE SHOWINGS.

The Key to Multiple Showings is to get more agents willing to show your home.

They WAY to get more agents willing to show the home is to PRICE IT RIGHT and STAGE IT RIGHT

The MOST IMPORTANT key is to get more agents EAGER to SELL your home .. and the key to that is to OFFER an INCENTIVE

The WAY to get all of this to happen is to FIND THE RIGHT AGENT and use the Right Strategy.

The right strategy has a name - It is called Aim Above Average

You can't expect Above Average results unless you have an agent who is Aiming for Above Average results - does that make sense to you?

Would you like me to put this Aim Above Average strategy to work for you today?

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