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I am autistic and hold the record in writing the longest line of words, without periods, this is because to me, a period ends a story, and capitals to me start a completely new story that has nothing to do with the previous line, while sometimes very annoying to some people, I do not do this because I do not have anything better to do, but I mostly will think you are the same as me, like most of the people do, think that is;)

When I am busy with programming, I sometimes have difficulties to let go of the virtual world, and I forget my girlfriend, but to break loose of that computerized stuff, I created a do-not-forget task with delphi usable in real life, I sometimes think that by doing that, I still do not really break out of the virtual pattern, but when my girlfriend reminds me of that I just generate a general protection fault;)

I had to explain to my girlfriend that Delphi was also a programming language, since I regularly scream it out during the night while in bed but not sleeping ;)

I have a very wide interest in computer related sciences, at this site I will however only focus on delphi mainly but compared to the average delphi programmer I consider myself to be a novice, but I am still very eager to help out anyone if I can.

I also consider myself to be a freelancer, but I will not accept any kind of reward for anything I ever help anyone with, other than a thanks, or just a visit to my page.

I have been extremely busy with writing Delphi components, applications, forms and tutorials, at my site you can see the sourcecode as well. All are very simple and basic programs, with help from here and a few were created all by myself. My website is a good measurement of my skill concerning Delphi I am just looking around the corner but do try the best I can

Experts-exchange experts note: if you have helped me with any of my projects, and wish for your name or credentials to be named in that specific project, just let me know and I will happily add them. Until now even the experts I have asked this, all declined to want that, but you are always entitled to, and of course even a link to your site is allowed, just let me know and you will be made famous in no time;)

I had and have no idea how to categorize my thoughts, this dramatic pattern was set early in life, and i do not expect very wide changes in that, this should explain why I probably have placed the wrong kind of things under Personal Profile, from your perspective;)

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