Raj Shivaram
Senior Architect
  • India
Member Since: 2012/04/12
Industry: Computer & IT
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Professional Background
Senior Architect
January 2017 – Present
Skilled in designing the Public and Private Clouds in designing, configuring the self-service portal for the customer and building the Entire End to End cloud solution from Infrastructure, Automation layer, Metering software for the Customers
Provide solution designs utilizing Xerox platform standards
Provide technical roadmaps using voice of the customer, research, vendor interactions and industry standards and best practices as guides
Participate and assist Xerox in establishing current and future technology roadmap, architecture policies and procedures.
Influence and persuade the technical opinions of Xerox Operations managers, and XIM senior management
Influence and persuade the technical opinions of VCPs
Recommend new products and technologies to Xerox
Provide documentation for Roadmaps along with Technology benefit analysis
Develop and maintain vendor relationships for the purpose of understanding product capabilities and vendor technology roadmaps.
Provide general strategic direction, business direction and priorities to Xerox
Provide budgetary decisions up-front for each technology and/or project roadmap. Any new technology products deemed out of scope by management need to be directly communicated to Xerox.
Review future hardware configurations every 3 to 6 months and provide EOL and/or EOSL dates to Xerox as appropriate.
Complying with Xerox’s equipment and software architecture and standards, and providing inputs to Xerox to continuously keeping Xerox’s technical Midrange Processing and Disaster Recovery architecture current.
Update Midrange Processing and Disaster Recovery architecture standards based on business needs.
Develop and maintain technical standards documentation for Processing Platforms, Storage, Data Protection and IT Services Continuity
Develop monitoring and capacity planning processes for all datacentres and platform towers
Review requirements and provide solution design
Provide Architectural design for engineering and POC projects
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Enterprise and IT Architect with leadership experience in designing innovative business solutions for clients. Skilled in cloud computing, information management, virtualization and automation. Demonstrated mastery in evaluating requirements for business application integration and service activation. Proven mentor with expertise in communicating across organizational levels and with cross-functional teams to drive shared vision and foster culture of excellence.

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