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I am a graduate (BSc) who majored in physics and  regard it as a license to know everything *grin*. Born, raised and educated in the UK, I have been interested in computers since getting my first home computer in the early 80's. I have been interested in the hardware side of computers for 12 years now, and have developed a wealth of practical experience from building and repairing many systems for myself and friends. I have experience with installing and maintaining the following operating systems, dos, Win 3.x, Win 95 win 98SE, win XP, Linux (slackware and ft), Amigados/Workbench ver 2 upward. limited amount of CP/M and VMS knowledge.

I am usually poor, I build systems from other peoples junkboxes and make them work, I thus come across many more problems hands on than may be typical for a hobbyist with hardware interest. I have developed workarounds and fixes that no commercial repair shop would bother with, they would rather sell you a new part. I tend to be good at identifying boards, finding drivers and configuration info, since I get most of my parts bare and used. I always have a live chicken, ceremonial dagger and scrying bowl at the the ready for those really bizarre problems.

Strangest Computer Hardware Experience: Having to attack a machine with a hammer and chisel......... I was trying to install a CD writer for a friend, her drivebays had not very well stamped out 3mm thick mild steel blanking plates over them inside. We couldn't get any kind of saw, metal cutter or nibbler in there and bent three screwdrivers trying to pop them out how it looked like they were designed to. We finally had to chop it out with a cold chisel and large hammer!!!
(Note to self, purchase miniature angle grinder for PC tool kit)

I have a rather large computing general knowledge that is broad based and includes theoretical and practical elements drawn from modules taught within my degree. I have some networking experience, developing that still, with Windows peer-peer networking and Linux. I have internet experience as a user dating back 10+ years. I have finely developed problems solving skills that can see the problem from all 2^16 sides and come up with a relevant solution. I always attempt to solve problems at lowest possible cost, since I have often been hard up, and know the response "buy a new computer", "upgrade to..." is irritating to many.

My knowledge is supplied as is, I make no representation for the applicability of it, given that I do not have "hands on" on the subject problems and therefore can never be completely aware of all issues. My advice is an opinion, it should be treated as such.

RoadWarrior is currently resident in Southern Ontario, Canada.

Here at E-E, I am most often in the hardware area.

Current ambition, to have the longest profile in the top 100. Oh yeah and to boldly go ... yada yada yada.

hope I can be of some help,

Road Warrior.

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