Rocky Cortez
Cyber Security Engineer
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Cyber Security Engineer
Osi Vision
May 2015 – Present
Cyber security is instrumental in today’s technologically-based world. Whether it’s protecting confidential business information or customer data, utilizing high-quality security technology is a must. This is where I come in.

My role is to provide cyber security by executing related operations, identifying risks, and preventing breaches. I detect attempted unauthorized access, eliminate anomalous activity, and interpret internet traffic. At the end of the day, I serve as a line of defense by elevating cyber security, mitigating attacks, and defending against intrusions.

I utilize current techniques and methodologies to:

Protect and control access to restricted data, systems, and networks
Utilize log aggregation tools to correlate network traffic
Identify indicators relating to compromise, design detection, and blocking profiles
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With an educational background in Information Systems and Security and positions in Cyber Network Security, I have the subject matter expertise and in-depth industry knowledge to keep computer systems, network devices, and environments protected against attacks. I have a proven reputation for supporting cyber-related issues, responding to incidents, executing security operations, and safeguarding system boundaries.

To enhance security I recommend, implement, and enforce policies, procedures, standards, and guidelines and provide tools and processes to enhance protection and mitigate threats. Ensuring all systems, data, and information are secure, I implement indicators of compromise, perform a variety of analysis, and improve security architecture.

Currently hold a TS/SCI Active Clearance

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