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Began my career selling dedicated word processors for Syntrex, CPT and Royal Business Machines, and working with MS-DOS 2.1.

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Cortland Computer Services
January 1993 – Present
My specialty is building IT infrastructure, security protocols and database systems so your firm runs better with less downtime. Over the past 20+ years I have helped hundreds of firms in the New York / New Jersey area convert from old-school processes to harmonized systems which allows teams to spend more time working on their business and not putting band-aids on long-term problems.

Businesses, such as accountants, law firms and doctor office, need dedicated servers to store their important data. While these industries have specific software needs, they do not offer hardware to effectively run these programs. And oftentimes they don’t even know these firms need specific hardware in the first place. I specialize in helping these firms maintain their critical data on dedicated servers to ensure that they continue running their businesses with fewer headaches and worries.

Protecting computers and servers from threats, especially from the Internet. As an IT security expert I have deep experience in installing systems and technologies to help protect your important data from theft, loss or any number of problems which might arise.

Additionally, I built a custom Microsoft database program for a $100 million plastic manufacturing firm to help organize their processes. Previously they were using a hodge-podge of Excel and Word documents. Since they are a unique firm they needed a customized database solution The program I wrote for them takes the sales cycle -- from ordering, manufacturing, rendering, shipping, cost estimation and billing -- far more efficient, delivering finished goods for their clients quickly. Now they have a centralized system for keeping track of the entire business instead of guessing every stage of the business.

When my clients earn more money with less stress, I consider that a major success.
University of Phoenix
1990 – 1993
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Whether working for a 10-employee law firm or a $100 million plastics manufacturer, I specialize in understanding and solving business challenges. Some of my clients have been with me since the 1990s. This is because I don’t sell technology; rather, I solve IT problems and fill their needs.

While the computer and IT industry has moved toward managed service contracts -- which is more profitable for the IT firm -- I believe my model of hourly pricing allows for greater cost-savings for my clients as well as excellent service.

My client-focused approach has significantly improved the operations for many businesses and I
genuinely look forward to going to work every day and making a difference in people’s lives.

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