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Computer Info. Sys. Student
Skagit Valley College
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Three  years  experience  in  the  IT  department  developing  web applications and development of operational and analytical databases.

Five  years  experience  with  network  systems:  Switches,  routers, firewalls, configuration, testing, implementation of both wired and wireless systems insuring reliable network connectivity.

Four years experience in the deployment, configuration and support of web base camera systems to monitor production systems.

Eight years experience as a Quality Control Technician: Responsible for inspecting and testing of raw  materials  and  finished  products  as  well  as  monitoring of  the production  process. Higher Level  Assignments: Developed and deployed an “Inventory Control  Database Application” that allowed “Just In Time” and “In Process” control of inventory during live production.

Responsible for development of Manufacturing  Process  Controls  for  plant  manufacturing  line  that lowered costs, improved quality and deployed the foundation for a quality process control database management system. Production output was increased by twelve percent.

Developed procedures for managing billet warehouse storage issues that were stopping both rip saw production lines that resulted in improved production rates and better utilization of warehouse floor space.

Managed and conducted many full scale qualifications of new product testing in the QC Lab consisting of hundreds of test preparation specimens for testing on SATEC equipment under the review of the APA Engineered Wood Association.

My goal in any business environment is to constantly improve operational procedures and processes that will improve the company's competitive posture in its market place.

Specialties: Identifying production flow problems and the subsequent development of database applications to better gather production data allowing for better business decisions.

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