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CEO/ Web Developer
SkyPoint Studios
May 2013 – Present
Helping businesses improve their online presence, increasing sales and brand recognition. How would you like to increase sales in 2016? Call us at 406.208.8733
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Jophiel grew up on a ranch in Paradise Valley, Montana near Chico Hot Springs. Working on the ranch instilled work ethic and self-motivation. Filled with this drive, Jophiel started mowing the local school's yards twice a month throughout the summers, at the age of 12.

He moved to Billings in 2004, where he has been deeply involved in the local business community ever since. A serial entrepreneur, Jophiel has ran multiple businesses in our local community. The first business, a janitorial and carpet cleaning company, founded in 2005, has employed over 50 locals.

Moving on to the media industry, Jophiel and several partners founded Green Directory Montana in the spring of 2007. Green Directory's sustainability ranking software awarded points based on sustainable or "green" actions. These points counted towards a business's total "Green Score," which in turn ranked them against other businesses in their category and throughout the entire site. It also featured a limited edition print version distributed annually.

A business acquisition allowed Jophiel to focus on new projects, and a few close business colleagues and Jophiel started Rocky Mountain Mr. & Ms. Magazine, a lifestyle publication for men and women in the Magic City.

After a year and a half at the helm of RM3 Magazine, the business was purchased. He now runs a web development company SkyPoint Studios, is a member of the MSU Billings Computer Science Program Advisory Board, and fathers his son Jaoquin, who plays football, basketball, soccer, and is learning snowboarding with his dad.

Specialties: Extensive experience in online and offline business. Especially savvy at WordPress, and operate several sites, one example is the blog: Favorite technologies right now are HTML5, CSS3, JSON, MongoDB, SASS & WordPress. Check out for the latest projects from SkyPoint Studios.

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