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Professional Background
Holistic Solutions Ltd
June 1996 – Present
Lead Engineer
May 2013 – November 2014
I was initially engaged to address serious technical failings pertaining to a Maritime Programme, heading up a team of 46+ engineers and driving the implementation of essential release cycles.

•       Managed successful release of 8 out of 12 patches within first year of joining HP.
•       Dramatically improved morale of existing engineering team to improve performance levels.
•       Delivered reduced failure rates by 40% through applying emphasis on unit testing cycles.
•       Developed strategy and migration document for the transition from one German datacentre (Oberursel) to another (Dhalewitz) for Rolls-Royce.
Migration Manager
October 2012 – April 2013
I was contracted to IBM and assigned with managing a complex migration project for their client Barclays Bank, to transfer all servers and equipment from an existing datacentre to new facilities. Led the evaluation of all equipment and made recommendations for the use of physical and virtual servers, driving a high performing technical team to deliver this challenging project.
3rd Line Engineer
2011 – 2011
Engaged to drive the testing of all servers as part of a key server replacement project, managed the inspection and testing cycles whilst supervising a small team of engineers. Coordinated the compiling of extensive inventories of tested and approved servers and taking a leading role in the subsequent rollout to the customer site.

•      Drove the deployment of around 130+ virtual hosts onto client sites.
•      Contributed significantly to repairing the fractured relationship between client and ATOS.
Technical Specialist
August 2010 – April 2011
Played a leading role in the migration of around 5000 physical and virtual servers from an existing datacentre to new custom built facilities located within Yorkshire.Led a team of highly skilled engineers to identify and record all existing equipment, acting as a focal point for key stakeholders to drive the installation and subsequent decommissioning of the legacy datacentre.  

•       Managed the challenging migration of around 5000 physical and virtual servers.
•       Produced detailed documentation of whole infrastructure to minimise post migration support.
Server Support Specialist - Wintel
June 2008 – April 2009
I was engaged to work on 3rd line shift support, involving the suppport of 6500+ servers to exacting SLA standards for both rectification of faults, execution of changes and advising on changes to ITIL standard.  Operating across diverse Microsoft operating systems and utilising Citrix Metaframe, VMWare, Terminal services, PCAnywhere, and Polyserve in normal, clustered and SAN (EMC and Netapps) environments.
3rd Line Wintel Support
Siemens IT Solutions and Services
May 2007 – May 2008
I was acting as a 3rd line server support technician working remotely with large public and private sector clients in the UK and abroad. This involved fixing the full range of Microsoft servers from Windows NT4 to 2003 Server, using an extensive range of tools and services including Citrix Metaframe, VM Ware, Microsoft Terminal Services, Windows 2000 and 2003, Exchange 2003, running in a clustered and SAN environments.

• Executed backup was with Arcserve and Backup Exec.
• Obtained Clearance to SC security level.
Server Support Specialist - Wintel
The Co-operative Group
February 2007 – May 2007
I was engaged to provide backfill whilst permanent staff  were on secondment, this was a third line contract providing support and problem solving for the 500+ servers located locally in Manchester and remotely throughout the UK.  

•  All equipment based on HP Proliant and IBM hardware, which gave an opportunity to become acquainted with IBM Director, HP Insight Manager and Sitescope.
• Gained essential knowledge of Citrix Metaframe, Exchange 2003 and Microsoft Terminal Services, and operating systems including Windows 2000 and 2003 Server running both alone and with Clusters and VM Ware.
Team Leader
November 2005 – November 2006
I concluded a contract on behalf of Fujitsu with LloydsTSB Bank Plc as a Team Leader.  This role had two distinct aspects; the first was the full control of the CST team (19 personnel) including, recruitment, motivation, tasking, discipline and rostering; also controlling 42 on site engineers.  The second aspect was acting as the third line support for the Equinox project, diagnosing and solving problems with servers (NT & 2003), workstations (NT & XP) and comms (TCP/IP) within the Banks 2200 branches, 300 head offices and 5000 remote cashpoint machines.

• Acted as a primary contact both with Fujitsu and LloydsTSB project management.
3rd Line Tech Support
Hanson PLC
2003 – 2004
Engaged in a 3rd line support role, involving NT4, Windows 2000,  2003 & Citrix XP servers.  Hanson has 200+ servers located in their head office and key remote sites, serving 400+ sites supporting in excess of 1500 personnel.  These servers are a mixture of normal, Clustered and SAN systems.  

• Led the upgrading and migrating of the servers to Windows 2003 Server operating under Active Directory, migrating users to the new 2003 domain (using Aelita, now Quest tools) and liaising with the XP project team who are upgrading users to use Wyse and HP thin clients.
• Involved in Citrix administration, build and support on two farms of twenty servers with connections across both LAN and WAN.
• Diagnosed and rectified backup failures on a wide range of tape drive and media types including auto-changers operating under Veritas Backup Exec.
3rd Line Wintel Support
HBOS Card Services
January 2003 – March 2003
From January 2003 I was involved in providing 3rd line support for HBOS.  This involved providing diagnosis and repair of their NT, 2000 & XP infrastructure.  Primary focus has been on the OS itself, Exchange, Exchange 2000 and SQL 7/2000.  My significant knowledge of Veritas Backup Exec was also heavily utilised.
Disaster Recovery Consultant
Lincolnshire Police
February 2002 – September 2002
I was engaged to provide Exchange disaster recovery services to this constabulary to restore their email system,  I also provided a report to outline preventive measures to stop a recurrence of the problems.  

• Successfully recovered the Exchange server and data
• Formally reported and implemented key recommendations to prevent further problems both within Exchange and the NT system and domain, whilst reinforcing their ability to recover from future failures.
Support Engineer
Digital Data Systems Ltd
January 2002 – January 2002
During my time with DDS I was responsible for providing desktop support for the subsidiary of a large aircraft manufacturer, server upgrade design (including Exchange upgrade) for a statistical analysis company. I also supplied support and implemented a corporate anti-virus solution for a cinematographical supplies company.
Server Support Engineer
Action Plc
September 2001 – October 2001
I was initially engaged to act as holiday cover,   I split Exchange servers to allow one rail company to split into two independent companies.  I was also responsible for the commissioning of an Exchange server for a publishing company migrating from a bespoke email system. I was subsequently involved in the rollout for a major building consultancy., requiring me to build and configure Windows 2000 servers to allow migration and integration of systems utilising permissions and Active Directory.
Exchange Support Specialist
June 2001 – July 2001
As an Exchange / NT consultant I was acting as third line support whilst a number of members of staff were on holiday and training.  I was also providing my expertise to overcome a number of key NT domain and Exchange problems that required rectification. I was also been involved in supporting Windows 2000 Professional and Windows 2000 Advanced Server.
NT Consultant
February 1999 – March 2001
Engaged as an NT Consultant at Zetex I led a number of key projects within the company, making suggestions to benefit the client of which many were accepted and successfully introduced.
My first task was to audit their current systems and my recommendations were made to move towards a single operating system platform.   Eight Compaq servers were acquired to service the current and future needs of Zetex’s two UK factories as this would allow the Company to use the systems for four years without further expansion and an additional two years after that by expanding the systems further.
Microsoft Exchange Server 5.5 was a point of particular focus throughout my time at Zetex.  I recovered, repaired and reconfigured the old servers until I migrating the mailboxes to new Exchange servers.  This involved organisational and domain modifications.  The users hailed the final migration as a great success as no disruption was encountered.

•      Reduced the amount of downtime both scheduled and unscheduled which led to the IT Departments’ graduation from being an excuse for poor user performance to being more fully involved in decision-making and growth for the company
•      Made key recommendations to client including widespread adoption of remote control software for technical support; control of web usage by staff including better reporting; the use of public key encryption to pass sensitive documents via email and automated desktop roll-out using image creation software
Project Manager
May 1998 – January 1999
I was a member of the IS Special projects team, my role was to project manage, test, document, script and install software and hardware that is ‘non-standard’.  This is all software that is not installed as part of the standard build.  To achieve this I have had to use Windows 95, NT Server 3.51 & 4, NT 4 Workstation and Winstall.  To give two examples at opposite ends of my role, I have been responsible for project managing the acquisition and installation of a new Oracle server, I have also been controlling the testing, y2k checking and rolling out of tax software to 26 users in the Finance Department.  At any one time I was normally responsible for 8 – 10 projects, although this peaked to 13.
Rollout Technician
Digital Equipment Corporation
April 1998 – April 1998
I have been involved in two short contracts for Digital.  This involved rolling out Windows 95 to clients’ user-base and subsequent technical support.  I was also required to offer help and advice to the client to resolve a number of key issues that delayed the rollout.  
I also offered technical support for another of the Corporations clients, based on NT Server and Workstation 4.
Support Engineer
Simoco Europe Ltd
July 1997 – February 1998
I was personally asked to join the technical support department by the new IT Services Manager, providing support up to third line on Windows NT4, Windows 95 and Windows 3.11 for Workgroups. I took a leading role in making recommendation on how the department could operate more effectively including the introduction of a tiered response to user problems.

•      Evaluated, purchased and implemented a help desk solution for use by Simoco
•      Configured and fixed NT4, Windows 95 and Windows 3.11 machines
•      Planned and implemented the migration of users from small Unix servers to using the NT4 Server installed by the company
•      Installed and configured MS Exchange 5 clients
Rollout Technician
December 1996 – June 1997
I was involved in the gathering of user requirements for the Windows NT v4 network roll out at Barclays Bank.  This has involved interviewing and negotiating with users, writing reports and testing software to ensure it runs under this operating system.  I have provided second line support for Windows NT v4.  Also I oversee and test the installation of NT workstations.
Post Live Support Engineer
June 1996 – December 1996
I was involved in the roll out of the NT project for NatWest Bank.  My role was that of post live support of their Windows NT v3.51 installation, ensuring that the equipment was installed, configured and operating correctly and making sure that the NatWest staff fully realised the benefits of the new system.
The Open University
Science and Technology
Science and IT
1980 – 1994
Greenmore College
Full Biography

I am an extremely polished, engaging and driven professional with a reputation for offering expert consultancy services which underpin the successful delivery of multiple infrastructure programmes spanning diverse industry sectors.

I consider myself technically and operationally astute with the natural ability to engage with all levels including senior stakeholders, understanding complex requirements and process inhibitors to drive out effective solutions. My major accomplishments have included rescuing a failing Maritime Project and successfully resolving outstanding technical issues; taking a leading role in major banking transition programmes including the implementation of a new WAN for Lloyds Bank; and spearheading the transfer of operations to a new datacentre for HSBC.

By nature I am confident, innovative and highly motivated and my strengths lie not only in driving the delivery of essential projects and programmes, but also in my ability to address complex technical issues and deliver prompt resolutions.

Areas of Expertise:

•      IT Infrastructure Programmes
•      Leading Data Centre Migrations
•      Troubleshooting & Fault Analysis
•      IT Engineering Team Leadership
•      Extensive Windows Server Knowledge
•      Stakeholder Relationship Management
•      Implementing New LAN/WAN Networks
•      Providing 2nd/3rd Line Support
•      Complex Statistical Reporting
•      Rescuing Failing Projects
•      Managing Multiple Release Cycles
•      Wintel Server Configuration

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