Ted Palmer
Information Technology Consultant
  • Saint Louis,
  • Missouri,
  • United States
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Industry: Computer & IT
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Programmer of computers in many different languages. I have had great success at projects that combine knowledge of both software & hardware

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Texas Christian University
Bachlor of Science
Computer Science
1978 – 1982
DeVry Institute of Technology - Chicago
Associate Degree in Applied Science
Electricial Engineering Technology
1966 – 1968
COBOL, PowerBuilder, VB.NET, Unix Korn Shell, Oracle PL/SQL, MS-Access, Java
Full Professional Proficiency
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Information Technology vendor to attorneys who do a lot of subrogation work.

Professional Background
Information Technology Consultant
Palmer Info Tech, LLC
2010 – Present
Information Technology vendor to attorneys who do a lot of subrogation work.
IT Professional
Monsanto, Express Scripts, Southwestern Bell Telephone
January 1988 – December 2012
Computer Programmer in COBOL, PowerBuilder, Visual Basic, MS-Access, Oracle PL/SQL, etc., etc. Windows, Unix, Linux with  SPECIAL emphasis on exploitation of data communications and networking techniques to dramatically improve the efficiency of data collection, data distribution, and data analysis. I figure out ways to make things work that are extremely rare to occur to others as being within the realm of possibility. All my projects are "Missions from God". Some people say "failure is not an option" the same way they say "have a nice day" or "whatever". When I say "failure is not an option", I mean "FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION"! Read my resume about the Rider Service award I received while working at Southwestern Bell Telephone Company.

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