Tej Luthra
Vice President Of Engineering and Product Development
  • Vienna,
  • Virginia,
  • United States
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Vice President, Engineering and Product Development

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Vice President Of Engineering and Product Development
Merlin International
December 2017 – Present
Vienna, Virginia
We have taken a fresh new look at Cyber Security, Information Exchange, User Identity, Network Security, Distributed Computing, Blockchain, AI, automation and orchestration, and cloud native technologies. We have broken down monolithic barriers that slow down a fluid interactive user driven environment, that spans across cloud boundaries.
- A cloud native security intelligence platform that has a unified consistent architecture
Discovers endpoints networked and other devices using non-standard protocols across your ecosystem, and protects them and the enterprise
Learns from daily interactions, provides deep visibility across 7 layers, make it relevant to the end consumer
AI to effectively know & learn the security posture throughout the life of the asset
- Support the CISO & IT OPS agenda, bring operational efficiencies, and innovate around trends
- Topology and Hypermap driven visualization, not just another dashboard. Independent of device
- Always real-time, decide the speed, infuse with analytics
- Portable - Modular, decide where and when and how much
- Autonomous, Automated, Playbook driven Orchestration
- Sensitive, proactive, intelligent, prescriptive, a risk based approach, stay on top
- Software defined everything, decide what architectural pattern works, or build your own
- A zero trust network policy, at every layer and interaction.
- No VPN's, passwords, firewalls and all those big clunky infrastructure elements that make deployments monolithic, inflexible, and prone to attack
- Manage your own keys, or let us manage it for you
- Insights are always risk, compliance, standards and vulnerability driven
- Marketplace driven - choose the pattern based on the business problem you are trying to solve, innovate on this platform
- One click and deploy Always free Always supported Always community driven
Closely aligned with the largest research and community groups like Gartner, IEEE, Calico, Kubernetes, VMWare, OpenStack, Cisco, IBM, + many OSS communities
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As a Chief Technologist and Advisor, design and develop software to implement solutions  incorporating analytics, security, data science, cloud, information integration, and Governance, to address client's specific business and industry needs.

22+ years of IT experience in Pre-Sales, Post-Sales, Distributed Computing, BigData Solutions, The Hadoop and Open Source ecosystem, cognitive computing, machine and deep learning, cloud advisory, Database Administration, Full Software Lifecycle Development and Managing Highly Business Critical Production Operations

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