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Started programming for fun in 1979

Pascal since 1983 (UCSD on Apple ][ up to Delphi on NT4+)
Windows programming since 1992
Unix programming since 1989

SQL DBs since 1987 (from dBase3+ to Oracle 9i and MySql)

PHP4 since 1998

pretty standard 8-))

Not-so-standard : parallel & power scientific computing, algorithmics & Complexity, multiprocess /multithread /multitask-ing, optimization, etc

Français, studies in Chambéry & Grenoble, started working prof. in 1990 in Grenoble and then Paris for nine years in SSIIs

Currently based in Belgium and Paris, independant, experienced in Project Management, Technical Team Leading (*nix, Win32, Web) & Software Quality, always available for contract work.

I'm on hire since 2003-06-25 so I've less time for answering questions or subcontracting, but I'll do my BEST.

This said, I'm experiencing problems with EE moderators : they completely lack any sense of humour and consider posting "..." (which are named "suspension points") in answer to "any comment will result in suspension" as a grave, horrid, deep violation of "the sacred EE rules and membership agreement".

I wonder what evil can do a "..." comment, but anyway, that's the way it is sometimes on sites...

I suppose they have time to lose and are bored. Strange as there's still some Cleanup to do.

I suppose "they" will suspend/delete account or add an infamous user comment, in a pityful revenge attempt, but I really don't care. I will let time some time to think about their manners.

My free tools and scripts will eventually end up on in the "free tools" or "third party tools"

Best regards to all,

VGR [EE.COM MODE ON] "a snooty French on an American site for Americans" [EE.COM MODE OFF]

Use email address : vgraux at easynet dot be

See you soon on europeanexperts.ORG (not .COM ;-)) which I hope someone will build one of these days, devshed, or some other place wich is less dictatorial :

VGR : I ask for fair treatment and equality
Netminder : Which is fine for a democracy, or even a republic. Experts Exchange is neither.
VGR : I think you just admitted that is a dictatorship ;-)
Netminder : *smile*... as are virtually all businesses. Even French and Belgian ones.

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From: Vincent Graux
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Sent: Wednesday, December 31, 2003 9:24 AM
Subject: Re: Comment Added: Languages on EE

I think you just admitted that is a dictatorship ;-)

At 18:17 23/12/2003, you wrote:
>Which is fine for a democracy, or even a republic. Experts Exchange is

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