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I am a VBA programmer who is driven to automate repetitive processes, thereby eliminating common errors and dramatically increasing the amount of work produced in a given timeframe.   Due to familiarity with my company’s data sources over 25 years, ad-hoc reporting could be produced quickly.  My code is well-commented and designed to minimize re-work when revisions are needed.

Professional Background
VBA Programmer
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May 2017 – Present
Highly qualified IT professional with extensive experience in VBA programming, data transfers, automated reporting, database programming, security and advanced troubleshooting.  Subject matter expert for Access database programming and advanced Excel.
Data Analyst/Process & Controls
Hub Group
2012 – 2016
Oak Brook, IL
Reported to the Vice President of Process & Controls and the Director of Information Technology.  Responsible for optimization of IT processes and controls and metrics reporting, including tracking adoption of business-requested software enhancements.

•      Created standardized budget templates and consolidated several departmental budgets into one master overview.
•      Consolidated multiple project management status reports into a single executive status report for monitoring budget and schedule health.
•      Automated reporting of IT system availability, IT hardware procurement costs, IT labor resource costs and IT security dashboard reporting.  Created final presentations in Excel, Microsoft Power BI and Tableau.
•      Created data scraping process to extract and summarize metadata from scanned PDF paperwork and reformat it for importing into an industry-standard imaging system (IBM Datacap/Filenet), eliminating paper files.
IT Quality Assurance
Hub Group
2007 – 2010
Oak Brook, IL
Reported to the Manager of Quality Assurance. Responsible for developing, documenting and executing testing tools and test cases for transportation software.
•      Created a procedure to copy orders and all related records from the production environment to the QA environment to allow replication and resolution of specific production issues.
•      Created a procedure using IBM CL language to simulate receiving EDI data and queueing it up so that normal EDI processing could take over in the QA environment.
Risk Management (Credit Analysis, Cargo Claims)
Hub Group
2004 – 2005
Oak Brook, IL
Reported to the Vice President of Risk Management. Responsible for customer credit monitoring and reconciling cargo claim accounting discrepancies.
•      Designed and implemented process to mail monthly A/R aging data to credit reporting agency using IBM AS/400, MS Access and Excel and WinZip.
•      Developed Access database to track cargo claim liability and recovery from incomplete AS/400 cargo claims software; export reports to Excel for distribution to field offices.
Transportation Fleet Manager
Hub Group
2002 – 2003
Oak Brook, IL
Reported to the Vice President of Fleet Operations. Responsible for collecting data and monitoring the daily location and fees/rebates for the network of company-owned intermodal rail equipment.
•      Significantly upgraded and automated Microsoft Access fleet management database.
•      Automated data collection for rail rebate reconciliation, collecting data from operational and financial AS/400 systems.
•      Designed and implemented automated rate upload procedure for quicker response in managing placement of transportation equipment.
Technical Support, Level 2
Hub Group
1999 – 2000
Oak Brook, IL
Reported to the Manager of IT Customer Service.  Responsible for resolving level 1 and 2 hardware and software issues reported through the IT help desk.
•      Created indexed documentation with keyword search for common troubleshooting procedures.
Accounts Receivable
Hub Group
1991 – 1997
Oak Brook, IL
Reported to the Manager of AR/AP.  Responsible for processing and reconciling EDI 820 customer payments from Fortune 100 customers (e.g. Sears, Clorox).
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