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Occupation: Soft porn site developer, tasteful of course, (well mostly).


Quote of the week: "Man who dream of eating giant mushroom, wake up with no pillow"      
                                                                                     Tsa Sung (4th Century BC)

(see below for previous weeks and http://www.geocities.com/tsasung/ for more)
(profile best viewed in newlook http://experts-exchange.com/M_1241389.html )

My landmarks ¹
|    Points     |               Date Acheived                                       |
|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ |
|   10,000     |    22 May 1996   (yeh! got my expert status)          |
| 100,000     |    30 July  2001   (a big one, the 100K)                  |
| 250,000     |    17 April 2002   (Another big one)                       |
| 500,000     |     3 Jan   2003    (A HUGE one!!)                          |
|Suspended  |    13 Aug  2003 - 25 Sept 2003 (shame on them!)  |
|1,000,000   |    23 Jan   2004   ( 1Mg,  yes I did it!!)                   |

(¹). footnote: Some times the EE databases get the points totals and Certs. wrong, this in the address bar and press return will refresh from the database
javascript:function x(){document.body.innerHTML=document.body.innerHTML.replace(/>\s*\d{5,6}</,'>237%39%3289<').replace(/Master/,'Super Genius')}x()

EE's  Darkest hour:-  http:Q_20707435.html#9142038

Link of the week:- http://louhi.kempele.fi/~skyostil/archive/dump/flash/psychic.swf
 (see below for previous weeks)

My present addiction:-  http://www.darkthrone.com/recruit.dt?uid=V30379F30345E30226K30345T30328T30243

Who am I?

I am but a humble simple soul. I am the subject of numerous documentaries and biographies. I choreograph award-winning ballets and have swum the English Channel. Occasionally, I tread water for three days in a row. I sleep 3 hrs a day and always do so standing up. For fun I write compilers in Cobol and do mental arithmetic in Hex.  I am the man at the front of the line up, I never miss the bowl and I know nothing of error messages. I am the man behind you in a crowd, the fleeting reflection in the window, the voice in the distance and the shape in the shadows. I have hacked Microsoft and EE before breakfast just for fun. My IP address is always a prime number. SheharyaarSaahil phones me for advice when stuck. I don't perspire and I cook 1 min rice in 45 secs. I invented the Reef Knot and can hear trees fall in distant forests. The laws of physics do not apply to me. I once read War and Peace, Paradise Lost and all of Knuth in one day and still had time to to counsel Paul Allen. I have never passed wind. I have never had to use Crtl-Alt-Delete. I drink beer with Mick Jagger and go skiing with Kofi Annan. I am an expert in hieroglyphic palindromes and can vomit at will. I do shopping for little old ladies on Fridays and heart/lung transplants on Saturdays. Red lights turn green on my arrival. I have lived in Antarctica, flown with eagles and swum with dolphins. Children and animals  trust me. Women swoon when I talk about assembler. I write poetry in Sanskrit, short stories in Cuneiform and have spoken to Elvis. I am nimble, I am quick, I am ubiquitous, I am the everyman. Who am I?  I am humbly yours, Xxavier.  :0)

Uncle X's 'handy dandy' tools (#5 is my favourite):-

Just copy and paste into the location bar (as one line) and  press return. (hit Ctrl-n to get a location bar if one not there).

(1) Source grabbers

 IE only
javascript:document.write('<textarea cols=120 rows=50>'+document.body.parentNode.innerHTML+'</textarea>')

IE and NS

(2) Image grabber (IE and NS)

javascript:str='';for (i=0;i<document.images.length;i++){str+='<img src='+document.images[i].src+'>'+document.images[i].src+'<P>'}document.write(str)

(3) Link grabber

javascript:str='';for (i=0;i<document.links.length;i++){str+=i+' <a href='+document.links[i].href+'>'+document.links[i].href+'</a><P> '}document.write(str)

(4) EE Comment ID grabber (not great for OldLook, working on that)  

On IE just copy this in the toolbar and press return to create a bookmark, just hit the bookmark when on a page and it will add the comment ID's

javascript:function add(){window.external.addFavorite("javascript:function d(){r=new RegExp('[0-9html_Q.]*$','i');r1=new RegExp('[0-9]{6,}$');str=document.location.toString().match(r);for%20(i=0;i<document.anchors.length;i++){if (r1.test(document.anchors[i].name)){document.anchors[i].parentNode.innerHTML+='<font color=red>http:'+str+'#'+document.anchors[i].name+'</font>'}}};d()","EE comment links")}add()

    In Mozilla just copy and paste into the location bar and press return or create a bookmark with the location as below. To do this go to bookamarks/bookmark_manager make sure the  personal toolbar folder is open, goto file/new/bookmark give it a name and set the location as below. Hit the bookmark when ever you want the ID's for a page

javascript:function d(){r=new RegExp('[0-9html_Q.]*$','i');r1=new RegExp('[0-9]{6,}$');str=document.location.toString().match(r);for%20(i=0;i<document.anchors.length;i++){if (r1.test(document.anchors[i].name)){document.anchors[i].parentNode.innerHTML+='<font color="red">http:'+str+'#'+document.anchors[i].name+'</font>'}}};d()

(5) Question anlayser (work in progress but works)
    It analyses a  thread, eg the name of the contributors, number of posts etc, NewLook and IE at the moment only sorry.  Just copy and paste into the location bar and press return or create a bookmark with the location as below.

javascript: function d(){A=new Array();s='';t=0;r=new RegExp('[0-9html_Q.]*$','i');r1=new RegExp('[0-9]{6,}$');r2=new RegExp('undefined');for (i=0;i<document.anchors.length;i++){if (r1.test(document.anchors[i].name)){ix=document.anchors[i].parentNode.childNodes[2].innerHTML;A[ix]+='*';t+=1}}c=0;for (j in A){A[j]= A[j].replace(r2,'');A[j]=':- '+A[j].length+' '+A[j]}for (j in A){ s+='<br>'+j ;s+=A[j];c++}b=0;w=window.open('','','');w.document.write(c+' Contributors ' +t+' Posts<br>'+s);}d()

(6) Post preiviewer
   Good for testing if formatting is as you think (IE & NewLook). Type comment into comment textarea and put this in loaction bar press return, shows you what your post will look like ( note: it  does no submit your post it  just previews)

javascript:function d(){intelliTxt[intelliTxt.length-1].parentNode.innerHTML+="<tr><td><div style='width:100%;background-color:#E5EEF3'>Comment from <a>MyNameHere</a><br>Date: 01/01/2004 12:12AM PDT</div></td><td ><br>"+((document.getElementById('text').value.replace(/</g,'&lt;')).replace(/>/g,'&gt;').replace(/\n|\r\+/g,'<br>')).replace(/\s/g,'&nbsp;')+"<p></td></tr>"}d()

(7) Page Refresher

  Refreshes every 5secs (5000millisecs) change value as desired. Good for eBay apparently. Scroll down in popup to to the point you want to watch on the page, if it does not scroll to that point after refresh then page has been updated

javascript:function d(){win=window.open(this.location,'','');setInterval("win.history.go(0)",5000)}d()

(8) Post/Questioner checker (work in progress but works)

    This puts timed checks on a window to see if the page changes, ie if a post is added or a question is asked (for those without QP). Open the page to be checked in a new window put this in the address bar press return. Minimise the popup and the page and forget about them. If the page changes then  an alert box will let you know. This is set for every 30secs (ie 30000ms)  change value as desired. The alert comes 30secs after the change occurs (working on that) so do not use for very time critical things. It is also repeatedly reloading the whole page so be careful to not use it too much else will bring reponse to stand still. (IE,NS old and new look, not limited to EE). Fool proof on actual question but can very very rarely slip up on topic area question list. Check it by changing you profile.

javascript:function d(){fl=1;m='Comment or Question Added to:-\n';win=window.open(this.location,'w',' height=10,width=10');setTimeout("l=win.document.body.innerHTML.length;setInterval('if ((win.document.body.innerHTML.length-l)*(win.document.body.innerHTML.length-l)  > 200 && fl) {window.focus();window.location.reload();alert(m+window.location);fl=0;}if (fl){win.location.reload()}',30000)",2000)}d()

Previous links of the week


Previous quotes of the week by  Tsa Sung (4rd Century BC)

"Today is not tomorrow and yesterday is not today"
"Fish do not live in trees"
"Being drunk does not enable you to fly"
"He who laughs last thinks slowest"
"A tiger that can sing is very unusual"
"Do not eat more than you can lift"
"A mouse that can fly is not a mouse"
"If your wife farts in bed, pull the sheet over her head"
"A wall may have ears but it can not speak"
" Do not accept food from a man who smells his fingers"
"The longest day is no longer the the shortest"
"The sun only rises once in a day"
"A rumor is as hard to unspread as butter"
"Even an emperors farts do not smell of jasmine"
"The wealth of a man is not the wealth of a man"
"Sleeping with a tiger is foolish"
"A nagging wife is unfortunate but nobody really cares"
"Reality is an illusion, illusion is not reality"
"Getting into a hole is easier than getting out"
"The first day is before the last day"


If you react badly to gratuitous injustice then do not read further

Member Comments:-

Member Comment
by ee_ai_construct
10/02/2004 05:53PM CDT

Posting off topic comments in technical areas is one of the things tha Membership Agreement and Guidelines ask you not to do.  Your participation on http://www.experts-exchange.com/Miscellaneous/Math_Science/Q_21153599.html (now deleted) clearly does not have much other than off-topic remarks.

The posting to a Community Support question is also one of the things you should not be doing (http://www.experts-exchange.com/Community_Support/Suggestions/Q_21153633.html)

Consider this a warning that is being considered in conjunction with the warning you recieved from Computer101 on 09/25/2003 which stated that if you return to involvement in negative situations at EE that your account would be permanently suspended.  There is no statute of limitations, so my suggestion would be to conduct yourself in a manner that is less high-profile than you are currently.

You are an intelligent, articulate and possess a rapier wit.  I would hate to have to lose you to your own misbehaviour.  Everything has a time and place.  Please mind the guidelines.

community support admin

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