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In the suburbs of Boston Massachusetts
BS Mathematics 1972; also took a course in Fortran and assembly language (!) and did some work in both to put myself through college. The experience got me my first job as a scientific Fortran programmer ... and "saved" me from the world of insurance actuaries ... which was the only other job at the time for people who had BS's in Math!

"Old time" programmer (Fortran, assembly) ... more recently Visual Basic.
And most recently, .asp and ColdFusion. Found this site in 2004 when I needed help with something ... found what looked to be the answer here. Had to "join" to get the answer and immediately subscribed at $9.99 a month. It's the best $9.99 a month that I spend!

Am the "IT department" and "Tech Support" for family and friends and spend lots of time ridding their pc's of spyware, adware and viruses! In between I do some "real" work. Moved from being a techy into management and now into semi-retirement.

Used to be a rock climber. Current avid sports are telemark skiing (for the past 20 years!) and fly-fishing. My husband and I bicycled across the country (by ourselves) in 1996 ... flew to San Diego and bicycled home. An amazing experience and feeling of accomplishment. Six months later I quit my "high-powered" management job and have been winging it ever since.
A geek at heart whose other passion is cooking. My main passion is my husband. ;-)

Am currently building a commercial website to help the "younger generation" learn how to prepare healthful meals and, hopefully, develop a passion for cooking.

Update: October 2006: the site is finally ready. I have a huge debt of gratitude to all of those Experts who helped me get here! I could not have done it without them! Check it out at www DOT cookingwithalicia DOT com

Update: November 2008: I've now built several sites and am actually getting paid for some of them! I owe it all to Experts-Exchange. I've learned Dreamweaver, Fireworks, MySQL, HTML, Coldfusion, some JavaScript, some XML and some SEO stuff. Next up: PHP !

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