Andreja Zivkovic
  • Skopje,
  • Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic Of
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Industry: Computer & IT
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-       Trade Facilitation (Single Window, Customs Declaration Processing System)
-     Strong understanding of Customs procedures and relevant regulatory requirements WCO and EU and international instruments and recommendations, particularly those related to Customs Declaration Processing Systems, Single Window, e-Customs, data exchange, Law Enforcement and Risk Management
-       Customs, Tax processing systems, Law Enforcement ICT Systems, Intelligence, Investigation, Risk Management
-      Intelligence-led policing (ILP), Risk Indicators Management, Profiling, Analysis, Statistics
-      Tax Processing Systems, Customs Declaration Processing Systems, Data Warehouse, Business Intelligence (Statistics-Analysis) and Data Mining
-      Analysis of Processes: Business Analysis, Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN), Business process Re-engineering (BPR), Process Mining, Mastering of structured systems analysis and data modeling techniques
-      Design, Securing, Capacity planning of Data Intensive Systems, Tax Customs , Risk Management
-      Excellent knowledge Law Enforcement procedures, ICT systems, Data Analysis
-      Project Management: Assessment, planning, design, development, implementation, monitoring, evaluation, and reporting, concerning tax / customs matters, law enforcement / judicial system, financial and statistical ICT systems. Extensive experience with project management techniques such as EU TEMPO, knowledge of Prince2 and IT Infrastructure Management (ITIL), Resource planning, Budgeting and Cost Management
-      Strategic Planning: Logical Framework approach, SWOT analysis and Strategy Formulation. Analyses and capture the essence of complex business processes with Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN) and to base proposed solutions on quantitative and qualitative evidence.

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