Andrew Lowe
ICT Infrastructure Manager
  • Billingham,
  • England,
  • United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Member Since: 2004/01/20
Industry: Computer & IT
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Professional Background
Acting Head of ICT
The Banks Group Ltd
June 2008 – Present
Management of service desk/infrastructure team, dealing with issues escalated to me from colleagues both within and outside the ICT Dept. providing solutions to problems within pre-defined SLA’s.

Working with the Head of ICT to create an effective ICT strategy complimenting the business plan and group objectives, writing business cases and evaluating return on investments.

Managing and administering group telephony requirements for all sites, dealing with telephony faults either in house or through relevant third party support providers.

Administering group backup devices and software ensuring adequate measures are taken in the event of hardware failure or a disaster.

Liaising with the development team to resolve “In House” developed system issues and changes requests reported to the service desk.

Planning, organising & scheduling system changes, upgrades and maintenance to ensure the stable operation of the groups IT Infrastructure.

Ensuring software licensing compliance using the group’s auditing software systems in conjunction with FAST.

Performing regular audits of group hardware assets ensuring the CMDB remains up to date, hardware is replaced in accordance with the group’s computer replacement policy and redundant assets are disposed of in compliance with WEEE regulations.

Maintaining group security through configuration of the group’s firewalls (both hardware and software), corporate antivirus, anti-spam & anti-spyware systems (at PC, Server and Public Interfaces).

Maintain, support, administer & optimise the corporate LAN and WAN voice and data networks, plan and implement new sites to the group corporate WAN and install necessary supporting infrastructure.
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Full Biography

I am an ICT Manager/Leader with almost 18 years experience in ICT industry within the Private sector.  I have worked for several organisations over my career dealing with most leading UK ICT vendors working on projects from Virtual Desktop Implementation, Disaster Recovery, Business Continuity, Storage Solutions, Network Hardware & Supplier Migrations etc. I am confident, hardworking, reliable and responsible individual with a very positive “can do” attitude who loves challenge.

I am currently Group ICT Infrastructure Manager for The Banks Group, a family owner Private Limited Company with around 500 employees based in the North East of England. Banks specialize in Construction, Mining, Renewable Energy, Property Development and Waste Management. Since joining Banks in June 2008 the groups ICT has undergone a huge transformation evolving from “Comms in a Cupboard” with racks of isolated “one role” per server physical servers to a resilient, highly available and sophisticated virtual environment running on leading edge hybrid storage arrays whilst at the same time drastically reducing our carbon footprint.

Currently, suppliers and peers view us as innovative leaders who are not afraid to embrace new and emerging technologies. Through development of road-maps we have been able to reduce risk, profile growth, plan appropriately and deliver fit for purpose, reliable and resilient market leading ICT infrastructure effectively both on time and under budget. Our leading infrastructure has drastically increased the profile of ICT within the organisation. Through proactive monitoring and implementation of robust underlying hardware traditional technical support “fire-fighting” is a thing of the past and we are now viewed by our customers as enablers, able to react and adapt quickly in a fast paced ever changing environment.

I’m always keen to hear from former colleagues, peers, suppliers, or other like-minded people so feel free to drop me a line if you’d like to connect.

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