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The EE Topic Areas (TA) I follow the most are:
     · ASP - Ranked in Top 15 since Jan 2003
     · JavaScript
     · HTML
     · SQL Server
     · FoxPro
     · ASP.net (when/if it's setup)

EE Stats:
     · Ranked in ASP Top 5 since Apr 2, 2003
     · Ranked in ASP Top 10 since Feb 26, 2003
     · Ranked in ASP Top 15 since Jan 21, 2003
     · Achieved 100K Expert Points on Feb 16, 2003
     · Achieved 100K Expert Points in ASP on Mar 1, 2003
     · Answered first 200 Questions on Feb 24, 2003
     · Answered first 100 Questions on Dec 17, 2002

EMail Address:     apollois_no_spam_@earthlink.net

If you send me an EMail, you will get a reply asking you to request approval to add your address to my approved list.  Just click the link and I'll approve it and receive your email.

Feel free to contact me by EMail for non-technical issues.  I do not respond to technical questions by EMail.  Please post them in the apropriate TA.


I am an IT Engineer Specializing in Software Development and Network Design/Administration/Maintenance
     · Over 25 years of progressively focused systems engineering and IT experience with NASA and private industry.
     · Broad experience across many information technologies
     · Ability to integrate all aspects of project in developing optimum solutions
     · Extensive experience in Database application development including FoxPro, Visual FoxPro, Access, SQL Server.
     · Experienced in automation/integration of Microsoft Office apps
     · Experienced in development of Web sites and Web applications

I'm a native Texan, living and working in the Houston area.
Time Zone:  GMT-6 (US Central Time Zone)

I have a Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering with a minor Computer Science.  I have been using and programming computers beginning with my college years, and have designed many software applications and managed many software projects throughout my career.

I enjoy learning new technologies and helping others to learn.  I've had the most fun with FoxPro/Visual FoxPro DB applications and Web DB Applications.


One of the things I like best about participating as an EE "Expert" is that, as they say, "the teacher always learns the most."  This has certainly been my experience with EE.

I am a professional, and while I enjoy humor, I always try to behave like a professional.  And I expect the same from others.  If you think I have offended you, then there has been a communications breakdown.  I never intentionally insult anyone.  If you think you've been offended by me, please let me know so I can clarify/correct the situation.  Sometimes English even gets in the way of English-speaking people. :)
I sometimes use ALL CAPS for emphasis, not to shout.

I hope you enjoy the EE site, learn a lot, and help others learn a lot.

Best Regards,

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