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Just to make life simpler I am attaching my work experience.

                        Prasad Bagal
                        1503, 15th street
                         Troy, NY 12180
                       Ph. (518) 271 8272


Hewlett-Packard, International Software Operations, India   May 1997 Dec. 1997

HP-ISO is a software extension for the labs in USA. They are responsible for supporting HP-U,
MPiex, and applications like Amedeus. Prasad was a member of Cupertino Operating system's
lab. This team is responsible for the HP-U commands support. They are responsible for any
upgrades and enhancements required for the commands. Prasad's responsibility included.

     Developing test suites for multi-threaded library
     Enhance the existing test suites for better coverage
     Find and fix defects in Bourne shell and Korn shell
     Train the team in multi-threaded programming

Mindware-PCL, Bangalore, India                         Dec. 1996 May 1997

Mindware-PCL is a software solution provider in the fields like Internet, Systems, Year 2000 etc.
Prasad was in the Internet team. They mainly provided solutions related to Internet security, Web
page design, Web Agents, and Electronic Commerce. Prasad was associated with the Web Agents
project. His responsibilities mainly involved.

     Research for the existing Agents in the market and find their drawbacks
     Conceptualization and design of a WWW browsing agent
     Validate the design
     Implement the Agent in VC++ 4.2 on Windows NT platform

B`Lorean Software, Bangalore, India                    Oct. 1996 Dec. 1996

B`Lorean is  Research oriented company. They are working in the field of Internet security. They
are looking for new and better ways to develop encryption algorithms. Prasad's responsibility
involved the following.

     Lead a team of four people
     Research on the existing encryption methods that are available
     Understand the way major security breaches have occurred
     Formulate algorithms that are robust enough for any known technique of hacking

Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India               Nov. 1995 Aug. 1996

IISC is one of the premier institutes in India. They have different disciplines of faculties to train
students who enter for Masters or Doctoral program. Prasad was involved in a research project
with Prof. Sathiyakeerthi. This project required developing an Electronic mail filtering Agent.
Prasad's responsibilities involved.

     Research for the current work in this field
     Formulate a new method for Personalized Information Filtering
     Design and implement the agent in C
     Test the agent in the real world

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