Bruce Corson
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Patient Computer Help for Grown Ups
November 2009 – Present
Patient Computer Help for Grown Ups - Specializing in helping adults tame their computers, whether Windows or Mac. If the computer isn't working, we'll fix it so our client can get back to using it quickly. We target folks who may not be comfortable with a tool they didn't grow up using. Half of our consumer clients are over 80; the rest over 45.
Patient Computer Help for Small Business
November 2009 – Present
Founded the company and grew this business of treating the person as the client and the computer as a tool.
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Patient Computer Help for Grown Ups - Specializing in helping people who didn't grow up with computers and other things digital. We connect, train and troubleshoot computers and wireless networks for folks who may not be comfortable with a tool they didn't grow up using. We additionally work in small office environments providing networking, online backup, trouble-shooting and training services.

Prior to this, Bruce Corson excelled in positions as a creative marketer and business development leader having extensive experience growing new markets and selling for both Fortune 100 and private companies. He has a proven ability to create marketing and sales programs to leap ahead of the competition. In-depth expertise selling customized, specialty products, especially to transplanted Asian companies. Clear, concise written communications: a nationally-published writer. Advanced computer and Internet skills; an early adopter. Socially fluent in Japanese and can read German.

Specialties: Patient, specialized computer training for seniors and for small (1-5 people) offices. Also, speak social Japanese, read German, specialty polymers, cross-cultural marketing/sales, business development, an early adopter of new technology.

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