C. Blaise Mitsutama
LMS Administrator | Instructional Designer
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Professional Background
LMS Administrator | Instructional Designer
Bellevue College Continuing Education
July 2017 – Present
Support the Programs team in day-to-day administration of the organization's Learning Management System (LMS), Canvas. Includes providing instructional design, providing and modifying content for eLearning modules, consistency in data input, maintaining platforms, security, learning records, historical training data, eLearning deployment, electronic surveys, and report development.

•      Instructional design.

•      Manages the LMS systems and coordinates processes among program team and learning partners.

•      Uploads course master shells for deployment and manages the testing of those modules prior to activation.

•      Changes/updates assessments.

•      Generates and manages standard and custom/ad-hoc report requests.

•      Identifies, researches, and resolves user questions and issues.

•      Replicates Master Shell for new course developments to New Development category.

•      Takes a hands-on approach to developing reporting and analytics, dashboards and companywide views into data systems which will drive operational efficiency and be used as the measuring tools for many metrics of business performance.

•      Researches and documents job, task, instructional, and scope analyses.

•      Creates design documents that describe business needs, audience needs, high-level tasks, delivery content, supporting materials, and evaluations/assessments.

•      Evaluates the effectiveness of training design through the creation of assessments and evaluations before, during, and after training.

•      Manages training processes and procedures such as scheduling, enrollments, rosters, waitlists, compliance.
Founder/Principal | Technical Writing | Editing | Training | Design | Presentation | Startups
January 2012 – Present
My primary focus as Principal is::

-  technical editing for engineers, scientists, and organizations for whom American English is not their native language. I edit journal articles, conference papers, reports, resumes, and proposals, as well as creating publication-quality graphs and data visualization graphics.

-  supporting environmental firms to manage and produce Remedial Investigation/Feasibility Study work plans and reports, human health and ecological risk assessment work plans and reports, vapor intrusion assessments, and proposals;

-  helping startups create kickass pitch decks, solid Executive Summaries, and supporting documentation for their fundraising efforts;

-  developing content that can be repurposed for diverse channels: print, website, video, slide presentations, podcasts, live delivery, and mobile devices.

Always ready to meet new challenges and take on new projects. Dedicated to the success of client projects and focused on producing professional, high-quality work product.
University of Southern California
Anthropology and International Relations
Full Biography

The question I try to answer in every task I undertake is: "How can it be better?" The "it" can be virtually any aspect of the task--a phrase, an image, how the task is organized, workflow, processes, team dynamics, or external relationships.

In the past few years, I've focused on:

- managing document development and production for clients;
- designing well-organized, inclusive, accessible, student-centric courses for face-to-face and online/blended learning environments;
- training faculty and staff how to make their courses accessible and include Universal Design for Learning (UDL) principles;
- leading a cohort of faculty and staff to apply, foster, and promote instructional design theories and methods in their own course development; and
- instructing students in various aspects of technical writing and design.

These efforts have been a natural extension of my background as a database developer (organizing information), technologist (tools), designer (visual structure), and technical communication practitioner.

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