Michael Borchardt
International IT Manager
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Professional Background
Independent Multi-lingual International IT Manager
Michael Borchardt GCV
October 2014 – Present
Independent IT Management for the Small & Medium Business

★ June 2016 - Present: IT Coordination for Wittenstein BVBA, Belgian subsidary of the German Wittenstein AG.
Wittenstein BVBA reaches out to find an IT Generalist that will take the roles of local IT coordinator and IT liaison officer to the German headquarters.

★ July 2015 - January 2016: IT Management France & IT Project Management EMEA @ Allegion EMEA
I was contacted in June of 2015 with the question if I were interested in joining Allegion again. This time around, the mission would be trifold:
[1] - Integration of AXA's IT stream into Allegion
[2] - Integration of Simons Voss' IT stream into Allegion
[3] - Interim IT Management for Bricard in France, member of the Allegion PLC group.

★ October 2014 - April 2015: IT Project Management EMEA @ Allegion EMEA
I started my first independent project on October 6th, 2014 for Bricard, part of Allegion PLC. The project's target was to manage a group of highly specialized consultants and keep an old mainframe running because the only guru had left the company after 25 years.
Success!! The project ran until the end of april 2015.
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I am an IT Manager who
★ has strong communication skills in a multitude of languages (dutch, german, english & french)
★ steps up and takes leadership: instill trust, provide direction and delegate responsibility,
★ is able to adjust quickly to unexpected circumstances,
★ takes the time to build a trust relationship with his team members,
★ coaches the team members to develop their talents in such a way that productivity increases,
★ is always looking to continue to grow as a person

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