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I currently work as a Programmer Analyst for oil and gas services company in Alberta, Canada. I have been involved in the IT Industry for over 7 years and have a large variety of experience from hardware trouble shooting to software development. While attending school I owned an IT service company that offered a variety of IT service solutions to clients across southern Alberta. I have since sold this company and moved on to my current role doing "real work" for my current employer, developing software for use internally. Currently I hold the following papers (for whatever that is worth!)

- B.Tech in Computer Information Systems
- Electronics Engineering Technologist Diploma
- CompTIA A+ certification
- Network+ Certification
- Currently working towards MCAD

Some info about me:

Me stuff :

Fave food - Sushi - HANDS DOWN!
Fave Drink - Starbucks (liquid sleep!)
Favorite thing to do when not programming - Flyfishing, Flyfishing,Flyfishing and more Flyfishing!
Favorite Fish to Catch - Steelhead..... best ever, always will be!
Fave Place to fish -  Home in Northern BC! (no point mentioning the name, its embarrasing!)
Biggest Pet Peeve - Guys who break the 1 stall rule at the urinals.... leave one as a buffer for a little privacy!!!!

Nerdy Stuff:

Favorite Programming Language - VB 2005
Least Fave Language - C++
Favorite Game - Grand Turismo (all)
Fave Website - ---- this site is 18+ be warned, but it has great politically incorrect stuff on it!
Fave Nerd thing to do? - Download too much stuff!

Best life lesson - Don't pick on nerds...... you might become one when you grow up! AAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!
Best Line - If you feel like you aren't going anywhere in life just go to the mall. You will feel better!

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