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Professional Background
Operations Technology Analyst
December 2013 – Present
Corporate IT Manager
Midway Energy Services, Inc.
June 2012 – December 2013
Recruited by owner to manage IT department for multistate 550 + employee company.  Responsibilities include managing national and local accounts for all offices (Telecom, cellphones, and ISP’s). Responsible for analyzing operations and recommending policy and equipment changes for improved efficiency.    

Key Achievements:
•      Implemented Fuel Management System
•      Implemented Inventory Control System for parts department
•      Tracked IT Assets and Inventory
•      Used Document Management software to simplify paperwork and workflow in multiple departments.
•      Instituted RMM and MDM software to reduce IT staffing requirements.
•      Created IT Acceptable Use Policy.
•      Created Backup and Disaster recovery plan, and implemented.
•      Reduced per capita IT / telecom expense by 15%.
•      Reduced printing and copying cost by 60% companywide.
•      Conduced study of feasibility of ERP implementation.
Level III Network Administrator/ Managed services department head
Brandkast Solutions
2010 – June 2012
Recruited by former BVOS owner after business was sold to establish new Managed Services Company.  Responsible for sourcing vendors and establishing accounts; developing product lines and offerings; as well as running day to day operations of the business.

Key Achievements:
•      Responsible for two thirds of all sales.
•      Responsible for managing and executing customer projects from presales to support.
•      Primary support for all clients.
•      Established relationships with partner programs.
•      Designed and implemented remote management, and backup and disaster recovery procedures.
•      Implemented and customized document management and workflow automation.
•      Implemented and managed helpdesk support.
Level III Network Administrator/ Managed services department head
BVOS (Brazos valley office solutions)
2009 – 2009
Recruited to establish Managed services department at BVOS. Responsible for establishing vendor relationships;    Responsible for sourcing vendors and establishing accounts; developing product lines and offerings

Key Achievements:
•      Implemented Domain Controller and Exchange server internally.
•      Setup backup and disaster recovery SAN.
•      Configured VPN solution for partners to have secure remote access to financial data.
•      Implemented changes in customer data security by encrypting all customer backups and information; and securing BVOS network.
•      Installed, customized, and configured Microsoft Dynamics CRM; to assist in customer relations and tracking of service requests.
network admin
2007 – 2008
Texas A&M University
2004 – 2008
Lewis-Clark State College
Network and System Administration/Administrator
2002 – 2004
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