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I have now completed my Student Placement for Rental Result, a company which produces software for rental companies:

I am now getting my final year over and done with. My final year project involves a development management system based on JEE and EJB 3.0.

I have only done serious programming since starting University. I have come in to computing from a more hardware and electronics background but look to be embarking on a development carreer. I most proficient In Java but have also done some basic work with C and C++. I hope to get a basic knowledge of C# but am not a particular Microsoft advocate and prefer to avoid proprietary technologies like .net or Direct X. I would wish to learn .net just to be a more rounded developer and feel Microsoft is to big to ignore. I have a particular interest in all aspects of networking and if I were not going into Software Development I would have liked to have got into networking (I am the kind of person who is running a gigabit home network with VPN and all the trimmings).

I have been more recently delving into web technologies. Mainly JSP with Struts but also reading up on PHP and JavaScript but not a lot of hands on experience yet. I am tinkering with 3D Graphics both with OpengGL and Java 3D. This is my sort of "Light Relief" study subject as I find it more fun and satifying than manipulating databases which would be my more staple sensible money earning interest. I am studying application servers and looking into JBoss and related technologies like Hybernate. I am trying to get up to speed on the whole J2EE platform.

I don't expect to be any serious compertition to many of the experts on here.

Patience Carl.....Climb the ladder......  

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