Catherine Burow
Customer Engagement Manager
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No longer works at Experts Exchange.

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Professional Background
Customer Engagement Manager
Experts Exchange
September 2009 – Present
As a Customer Engagement Manager, I am responsible for providing the Customer Support team with the knowledge and tools they need to provide our customers with the best experience possible. I focus on innovating established procedures, analyzing case traffic and performance data, and collaborating with our Product Management and Engagement teams to enhance product usability.
Customer Advocate
Experts Exchange
September 2009 – Present
As a Customer Advocate, I was responsible for communicating with and assisting customers using multiple channels of communication to resolve issues related to membership status, subscription management, and utilization of the Experts Exchange website. I focused on providing customers with the tools they needed to succeed as a member of the Experts Exchange community, which included troubleshooting functionality issues, recommending features, and collaborating with other departments to improve the customer experience whenever possible.
Sales Representative
Whitehall Jewellers
January 2008 – December 2008
F. McLintock's
2007 – 2007
Cuesta College
Hospitality Administration/Management
2011 – 2012
Paso Robles High School
High School
2002 – 2006
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The most important thing to me is to take pride in my work and employ creative solutions for complex problems. I get satisfaction from learning new ways to work smarter not harder, and love sharing these little tricks with others.

Growing up in a family of five has influenced me to consider all perspectives when making a decision and to celebrate peoples' differences. My personal mission is to make genuine connections, and to be best the best version of me.

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