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• RPG, Control Language, COBOL, BASIC for AS/400
• ABAP/4 for SAP R3; batch programming for AIX
• C, C++, Basic, Visual Basic, Visual Basic Application edition
• Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office

Education and training

• Lean Manufacturing, Transportation; J. D. Edwards, Denver, Colorado 2002
• Cognos Reporting, Plumtree Administration; Andersen Consulting, Westlake Village, California 2001
• Equipment and Plant Maintenance; J. D. Edwards, Marina, California 2000
• Demand Planning, Enterprise Planning, Distribution Planning, Production Scheduling; Numetrix/J. D. Edwards, Denver, Colorado 2000
• Enterprise Resource Planning; Buker, Denver, Colorado 2000
• Ariba and Siebel integration with J. D. Edwards; J. D. Edwards, San Francisco, California, 2000
• ePurchasing; International Quality & Productivity Center, San Francisco, California Francisco, California, 2000
• Strategic Planning for E-Business; International Quality & Productivity Center, San Francisco, California, 2000
• Manufacturing Accounting, Quality Management, Supply Chain Management; J. D. Edwards, Denver, Colorado, 1999
• FRx Financial Reporting; FRx, Marina, California, 1999
• OneWorld Common Foundation, OneWorld Architecture and CNC, Migrating Financial Solutions to OneWorld, Designing Financial Reports for OneWorld, Upgrading World Distribution Solutions; J. D. Edwards, Denver, Colorado 1998
• Corporate procurement cards; International Quality & Productivity Center, Chicago, Illinois 1998
• Microsoft Access beginners, intermediate and advanced development; DeVries Data Systems, Marina, California 1998
• ShowCase Strategy Reporting, Query and Management Tools; ShowCase Corporation, Marina, California 1998
• American pronunciation and well said; Monterey Institute of International Training, Monterey, California, 1997
• MACOLA System Manager, Accounts Payable, Purchase Order, Inventory Management, Master Scheduling, Bill of Material, Material Requirement Planning, Production Order Processing; MACOLA, Marion, Ohio, 1997
• J. D. Edwards Net-change training for version A7.3; J. D. Edwards, Denver, Colorado 1997
• J. D. Edwards Core System, R.E.P. Methodology, General Accounting, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Purchase Order Processing, Inventory Management, Product Data Management, Fixed Assets, Job Cost, Equipment and Plant Maintenance; J. D. Edwards, Denver and Milan, Colorado and Italy, 1995
• SAP Core System (Analyzer, Database Management, etc.), ABAP/4 Programming, Accounting, Purchase Order Processing and Material Management; Milan, Italy, 1994
• IBM training for AIX operating system, C programming, TCP/IP communication; Milan, Italy, 1993
• Project Management; Ernst & Young Navigator Methodology; Vevey and York, Switzerland and England, 1992
• IBM courses in System Network Architecture and Distribution Services (SNA-DS), Office Vision and Office Integration; IBM, Milan, Italy, 1989
• Physics, University of Pisa, School of Mathematics, Physics and Natural Science; Pisa, Italy, 1984-1985

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